Billboard #1 Hits: #145: ” Hang On Sloopy”- The McCoys- October 2, 1965. #1 for 1 week.

  • Single: “Hang On Sloopy”- The McCoys
  • Record Company-Bang
  • Genre: Garage Rock
  • Written by Wes Ferrell and Bert Burns
  • Time: 2:57
  • B-side: “I Can’t Explain It”
  • Album- Hang On Sloopy
  • Grade: A
  • Peaked at #1 for 1 week on Billboard Hot 100.  #5 on UK Singles Chart.

This song was originally called ‘My Girl Sloopy” when it was written in 1964 by Wes Ferrell and Bert Burns- and was first recorded in 1964 by the R&B group the Vibrations. It wasn’t until it got into the hands of The McCoys that it became a big hit. According to Rick Derringer who was the lead singer of The McCoys- he was Rick Zehringer back in those days- the song was written by a high school student and sold to Bert Russell aka Bert Burns. The song was written about a jazz singer from Steubenville, Ohio [home of Dean Martin, Jimmy The Greek, Edwin Stanton and Traci Lords} named Dorothy Sloop.  The song quickly became a standard of the Ohio State University Marching Band and is the official rock song of the state of Ohio. The McCoys who were from Union, Indiana would go on to have a couple more Top 40 hits before breaking up in the late 60’s- and Rick Zehringer became Rick Derringer and went on to have a long career which is still going on.


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  1. I love this song. In the late 80s, a radio station I was listening to had a call-in game called “Name That Tune” and they would play the first five seconds of a song. I had just woken up and heard them ask what song it was. I knew it immediately. You can’t miss that drum beat. I was still half asleep when I called in. I managed to get thru, somehow and retard me, still yawning said…on the air…”I didn’t even know what I was calling for” (meaning, what I would win). You could hear screams of laughter in the background and I thought, later, that I may have caused an accident or two on the highway from the listeners losing it.

    I wound up with free tickets to an REO Speedwagon tour with Guns -n- Roses at the Greensboro Coliseum. When they announced what the prize was, I was still asleep and totally missed it. I was just calling because I knew the answer. Happy accidents for retarded people.

    • Great story thanks for sharing. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love this song. REO Speedwagon toured with Guns n Roses?

    • I have seen Guns n Roses because I distinctly remember being shocked when Axl came up out of the floor, sitting at a huge piano.

      I could be blending the two concerts together. I thought REO had another band with them but, I could be wrong. I’m not even sure what the exact year was hence the late 80s. I was staying at my paternal grandparents and sleeping in the front bedroom. That part is very clear and that definitely would have been late 80s as I was married in 1990.

      I remember all of my concerts but, exact dates…not so much. And, I used to keep all of my ticket stubs. God only knows where they are.

    • They may have toured together. There have been stranger match ups of openers/closers! Jimi Hendrix and The Monkees for example.

    • Assuming that this site is correct, it’s quite possible that I saw them in 1985 instead of later…and they were alone, according to the above, because the 1987 tour included Joan Jett. The only place I ever saw Joan Jett was in Texas at a ROT Rally in Austin in the middle 2000s.

    • for set lists I think the site is like setlists. com. It’s kind of neat to go back and look at old concerts I was at and view the set lists.

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