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Presidential Trivia Part II-

1- Name the 5ive POTUS who had never been elected to any political office before being elected POTUS.

2. Not counting when 2nd POTUS John Adams was POTUS and George Washington was dead… when was the only time from that point on when there were no-living former Presidents other than the current POTUS?

3. What POTUS fathered the most children and how many?

4. Who was the youngest POTUS?

5. Who was the last POTUS who didn’t go graduate from  college?

24 responses to “PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA -PART 2

  1. #4 you got- a trick question in a way- while JFK was the youngest elected- Theodore Roosevelt- who became POTUS when McKinley was assassinated is the youngest. .. and #5 is Truman… and for #1 Grant is correct.

  2. We got some of the questions right- #1 the 5 POTUS who never had been elected to another office- Taylor, Grant, Hoover, Ike and Trump….. #2- in the early 70’s there was a period of no living former presidents when Nixon was POTUS-.. Truman and Johnson had died pretty close together- of course Kennedy and Ike were also dead at that point. Not until Milhous resigned did we have a living former POTUS. 3.. John Tyler who became POTUS with the death of Wm. Henry Harrison in 1841- had 15 children – and incredibly has 2 living grandchildren. Tyler’s first wife died- he remarried a much younger woman and fathered children up until he was 70- one of his younger children at an old age fathered those two boys- who are now in their 90’s–so a POTUS from 180 years ago- 2 living grandchildren. ….4- sort of a trick question- while JFK is the youngest elected POTUS- Theodore Roosevelt- who became POTUS when McKinley was assassinated is the youngest POTUS… 5- Harry Truman is the last POTUS who wasn’t a college graduate.

  3. Yeah, I always think of Kennedy as the youngest, not Roosevelt. For one thing, he LOOKED way older, lol

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