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The Super Bowl is coming up in hours- I have no horse in this race. My Steelers didn’t even make the playoffs- and the team I was rooting against- the Baltimore Ravens meekly exited a few weeks ago. I have nothing for or against the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers- what I am hoping for is an entertaining and close game. I am rooting for Kansas City because it has been fifty years since they last won/ appeared in The Ultimate Game. San Francisco has 5 Super Bowl titles- enough. I’d also like to see the Chiefs head coach Andy Reid finally win the Super Bowl. Should be a good game. The match-up to watch the Chiefs offense against the 49er defense- both units are top notch. My final prediction is San Francisco to win 31-28- but I wouldn’t bet anything on it


  1. Until the 4th quarter, your prediction looked pretty accurate. I got superstitious this year, and didn’t post about the Chiefs. It appears to have worked. 🙂 On Super Bowl Eve, I passed through the Miami airport, and did of course wear my Chiefs jersey. I would have loved to stay there in Miami for the next day. For Chiefs fans, this is a huge, proud day.

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