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Billboard #1 Hits: #93: ‘ Easier Said Than Done”- The Essex. July 6, 1963- #1 for 2 weeks.

  • Single: “Easier Said Than Done”- The Essex
  • Record Company- Roulette
  • Genre: Pop
  • Written by Larry Huff and William Linton
  • Time: 2:08
  • B-side:” Are You Going My Way”
  • Album- Easier Said Than Done
  • Grade: B+
  • Peaked at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 and R&B Singles chart.

The Essex were an R&B vocal group made up of  members of the U.S. Marine Corps stationed at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. They had 3 Hot 100 singles- 2 made the Top 40 the other hit they had was a #12 “A Walkin’ Miracle” which was the follow up single to “Easier Said Than Done.”

The rhythm of “Easier Said Than Done” was inspired by the sound the teletype machine in the communications office at Camp LeJeune made. The group was made up of three men- and a woman who was also a Marine- the lead singer Anita Humes.  After making the recording the group wasn’t all that happy with the song. It was recorded to be the b-side to “Are You Going My Way” but after the single was released “Easier Said Than Done” quickly became the more popular side and took off- hitting #1 in the summer of 1963. There seem to be a lot of cases where either the group or record company isn’t all that happy with a song or recording- and yet it turns out the public loves it.

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