Hans Remembers- Wednesday January 7, 1970. 50 years ago.


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  • Farmer Max Yasgur who let his dairy farm in Bethel, New York be used for the Woodstock Music Festival in August of 1969- was sued $35,000 for damages that were caused by the festival- by neighboring farmers.

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  • In the War of Attrition between Egypt and Israel – at 2:00 pm Israeli Air Force jets begin Operation Priha a series of bombing raids deep into Egypt east of the Suez Canal. The targets- a training camp, an airfield near the Canal and a nuclear research facility. Egyptian President Nasser would travel to Moscow to request Soviet intervention and after the deaths of several Soviet military advisors later in the month the Soviets would send additional troops to coordinate anti-aircraft defense.

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  • Character actor Robert Barrat died at the age of 80. Barret over his career had appeared in films as Abraham Lincoln, Zachary Taylor and General Douglas MacArthur and often as sheriffs and military officers. His career lasted from 1915-1955.  Barrat was born in New York City and died in Hollywood of a heart ailment.

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  • Former baseball player Jumbo Elliott died in Terre Haute, Indiana at the age of 69. The left handed pitcher pitched for four teams over parts of ten seasons. His career numbers 63 wins 74 losses with an ERA of 4.24. In 1931 as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies he led all National League pitchers with 19 wins.

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  • American actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer and film director Doug E. Doug- born Douglas Bourne was born 50 years ago today in Brooklyn, New York. Doug E. Doug is best known for the role of Griffin Vesey in Cosby and as Sanka Coffie in Cool Runnings.