Hans Remembers- Monday January 5, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

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  • The bodies of defeated United Mine Workers of America presidential candidate Joseph “Jock”Yablonski, his wife and 25 year old daughter were found at his home in Clarksville, Pennsylvania. Yablonski hadn’t been seen since New Years Eve. All three had been shot to death. The three suspects would be arrested on January 21, 1970- and in a shocking development- the murders were traced back to UMW President Tony Boyle. Maybe it wasn’t all that shocking- a day after the bodies were found 20,000 West Virginia coal miners went on a one day strike convinced that Boyle was behind the killings. Boyle was convicted of three counts of murder in 1974 and was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences- he died in prison in 1985.

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  • 1954 Nobel Prize winning West German physicist Max Born died at the age of 87. He won the Noble Prize for his interpretation of the wave function of quantum mechanics. Max Born had a famous granddaughter- singer-actress Olivia Newton-John.

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  • The American soap opera All My Children premiered on the ABC television network on this day. The show which billed itself as ‘the first daytime television serial to deal with current controversial political and social issues” would run for over 41 years before its final broadcast on September 23, 2011- a total of 10,712 episodes.

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  • A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit China’s Yunnan province at 1 AM local time. It took the Chinese government four days to acknowledge the earthquake. Later the  People’s Republic Of China would report that 14,621 people were killed and 26,783 injured due to the earthquake.