Hans Remembers- Thursday January 1, 1970- 50 years ago-

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  • This season there are forty College Bowl Games- which means eighty teams make a bowl. There are teams that had a record of 6-6 and go to some meaningless bowl. There was a time when going to a bowl game was a reward for an outstanding season. The 1969-70 College Bowl games were such a time. There were 11 games back then- 22 teams went. Going to a bowl game meant something. Don’t get me wrong one thing that they have finally gotten right today is Championship Playoffs with 4 teams and then the Championship Game. Back then voters voted on who had the best team. Many believe that it was President Richard Milhous Nixon who decided the 1969 College Football Champion when he declared Texas #1 after they beat Arkansas in an epic game at the end of the regular season. It should also be noted that the big Texas vs Arkansas game was a game in which every player on both teams were white. This was just 50 years ago. Thankfully those days are gone-but I watched this game so it wasn’t THAT long ago in our history.
  • The four big bowl games in 1969- and in that era were the January 1st games- The Cotton, Orange , Sugar and Rose Bowls. In the Cotton Bowl #1 Texas beat #9 Notre Dame 21-17, in the Orange Bowl #2 and unbeatenĀ  Penn State beat #6 Missouri 10-3, In the Rose Bowl #5 USC defeated #7 Michigan 10-3 and in the Sugar Bowl #13 Mississippi defeated # 3 Arkansas 27-22.
  • The Final AP Top 10 after the bowl games were over 1- Texas 2 Penn State 3-USC- 4- Ohio State 5-Notre Dame 6- Missouri 7-Arkansas 8- Mississippi 9-Michigan 10- LSU.

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  • President Richard Milhous Nixon signed into law the National Environmental Policy Act the first comprehensive environmental protection legislation of the 1970’s.
  • British physicist and chemist Alfred Lauck Parson died at the age of 80. Parson is known for proposing the toroidal ring model for subatomic particles- known as the Parson magneton.

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  • In baseball the National League office was moved by the new National League President Charles “Chub” Feeney from Cincinnati to San Francisco. Feeney taking over for Warren Giles would remain NL President for seventeen years until 1986.





  1. I agree…way too many bowls now. We joke about how many bowls there is available. The Championship is great and it’s crazy that it took so long to happen.

    • I think in 50 years fans will look back and shake their heads- what were those people thinking for all those years- letting coaches and sportswriters determine the champion by voting? Insane.

    • Yes…I think now people are thinking…what were they thinking? It had to center around money as everything does in sports but they should have figured out you could make more by doing it this way.

    • Those bowls were entrenched and didn’t want to give an inch. I would still like to see it expanded to at least an 8 team playoff.

    • Off Topic… I’m reading a book “Big Hair and Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging ’70s”… Have you read it?

    • So far yes…I’m early in. I didn’t know about Tony Horton… sad story. I knew more about the later half of the 70s…it is fun.

    • In growing up a couple hours from Cleveland I was aware of the Tony Horton story from listening to Pete Franklin’s sports talk show from Cleveland. Very sad.

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