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Article I ran across “Declutter Your Life”-  I can’t get rid of things. I think about it but it just hasn’t happened. In the past year and a half I’ve been thinking of sorting out my books but the basement is filled with boxes of books [and the rest of the house filled with bookshelves full of books} I just can’t get started on it because it just looks like a massive job.  Also that picture above isn’t my basement- my basement is filled with boxes of books it looks organized but I can’t find anything.


  1. Hans, start selling them as an Amazon seller like I did. It takes a bit of doing to get started but after that it becomes a profitable game. Start with one box, then just keep going. I got rid of just about all of my books that way.

  2. I was happy to hear that isn’t a pic of your basement! I am not one for giving advice on clutter/hoarding as I’m probably on the borderline, but start small and do a little every day. Schedule it and stick with it.

  3. I just read the article. I think young people are more likely to take his perspective on “stuff” as they tend to have less buying power than the boomers. It doesn’t mean he isn’t right. Once I figured out that my kids have little to no interest in the “stuff” that fills boxes and closets here, the more I see it as a burden that will get left for them to dispose of when I pass.

  4. It’s hard but a great feeling. We gave away 35 bags of stuff to goodwill and STILL have a lot of stuff left. It helped but we still have more to do…but…I’ve never given a book away. That would be hard.

  5. Yeah, I was glad, too, that wasn’t your basement. Yikes!
    It’s amazingly hard to sift through and let go. I have to not have worn an article of clothing for AT LEAST ten years before I finally donate it to the Goodwill, and that’s just crazy, really…… 🙂

    • I guess its not like I want to get rid of many books its just that I’d love to have them organized and know where to find something when I need to! .. It is hard to let go sometimes of things.

  6. Very hard. Especially books. Just start with one section at a time. When your brain starts getting fuzzy, just stop and go back the next day. It’s the only way to do it–literally baby steps. But it works!

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