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December 8, 1980- outside of the deaths of my father and all of my grandparents- this would rank as one of the worst days of my life. 39 years ago- when I think about it it feels like yesterday. Its one of those days I remember all the details much too clearly. Watching Monday Night Football- in the late minutes of the game Howard Cosell broke in with devastating news.  It’s hard to grasp that John Lennon was forty when he was assassinated and that in a year and a couple months- he will have been gone longer than he was here.



  1. Wow, that TV footage is something. Yes, it’s hard to believe a piece activist ended that way, shot by some mentally unstable individual!

    While I’m not a fan of Yoko’s music, I still feel “Double Fantasy” is a great album. “Watching the Wheels” is among my favorite tunes on that record.

  2. I don’t remember what I was watching that night. I don’t think it was football, but maybe. I remember the station broke in, I don’t remember what broadcaster. It was very surreal.
    Watching the Wheels is a gorgeous track, I think. I love the way John stepped up and did a wonderful pop album, because that’s what he wanted to do. It’s a very John Lennon thing to do.

  3. I was 14 and I remember it being on the nightly news. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to shoot John Lennon. I didn’t grow up listening to any Beatles as neither parent liked them. I don’t recall having any classmates that listened to them, either. I do remember my mother liking Wings.

    The whole thing reminded me of the death of Elvis. The shock was enormous…the sadness, unrelenting. And, none of it made sense.

  4. It still doesn’t make sense to this day. I was incredibly sad and as a 13 year old…incredibly mad at the same time. It drew a line in time…before and after. I found out the next morning on the news.

  5. I don’t remember how I heard about it but when I learned some psycho did it to impress Jodi Foster I felt sick to my stomach. The video clips here of John and Yoko with their little son make me feel sad. His life with his children was stolen.

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