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Billboard #1 Hits: #32- “I’m Sorry”- Brenda Lee. July 18, 1960- 3 weeks. Released on Decca Records. Written by Dub Allbritten and Ronnie Self. Genre: Country- Pop. Time: 2:40. B-Side: “That’s All You Gotta Do.” Grade: B+

Brenda Lee was all of 15 when she had her biggest hit ” I’m Sorry.” She did have one other #1 “I Want To Be Wanted” later in 1960 and overall had 55 Hot 100 hits between 1957- 73 with 29 making the Top 40.  ‘I’m Sorry” peaked at #12 on the UK Singles Chart. Lee had recorded this song earlier in 1960 but her record label withheld the single for months  due to the concern that the 15 year old Lee wouldn’t understand what she was singing about. The song was produced by Owen Bradley one of the architects of the so called Nashville Sound in the early 60’s –

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