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Billboard #1 Hits: #29: “Cathy’s Clown”- The Everly Brothers. May 23, 1960- 5 weeks. Released on  Warner Records. Written by Don and Phil Everly. Genre: Pop. Time: 2:22. B-side:”Always It’s You.” Grade: A+

The Everly Brothers biggest hit single- selling 8 million singles and staying at #1 for 5 weeks- “Cathy’s Clown” was also their first single released after joining Warner Records- they had spent the first three very successful years of their career at Cadence Records. It would be The Everly Brothers final #1. “Cathy’s Clown” also went to # 1 in the U.K. Rolling Stone Magazine in their 500 Greatest Songs Ever issue ranked the song at #149. Looking over the list of songs which hit #1 in 1960- this would be my favorite.On this big hit- the Everly’s were accompanied by some outstanding musicians- Floyd Cramer on piano, Floyd Chance on bass and Buddy Harman on drums.

While both Don and Phil originally shared the songwriting credits on the song- evidently Don wrote it. In 1980 Phil relinquished his rights to the song-and Acuff-Rose Music who own the songs publishing removed Phil’s name from the royalty statements. Sadly, The Everly’s were famous for their feuding with one another- starting a tradition of brothers having trouble with one another in rock music- The Davies and Gallagher Brothers also come to mind as brothers who had a hard time getting along. I’ve always found the Everly Brothers falling out the saddest. Reba McEntire’s cover of “Cathy’s Clown” went to #1 on the country singles chart in 1989.

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