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Billboard #1 Hits: #19: “Sleep Walk”- Santo And Johnny. #1 September 21, 1959- 2 weeks. Released on Canadian-American Records. Written by Santo Farina, Johnny Farina, Ann Farina. Genre: Instrumental Rock. Time: 2:20. B-Side:”All Night Diner.” Grade: A

“Sleep Walk” is an instrumental by the Brooklyn born guitar duo of Santo and Johnny Farina. It was their first chart hit and their biggest. From 1959-64 they would have six Hot 100 singles with only two “Sleep Walk” and “Tear Drop” #23 also in 1959 cracking the Top 40. “Sleep Walk” peaked at #22 on the UK chart. This is another one of tunes where I didn’t recognize it by the title but 2 seconds into the song- of course I’ve heard that dozens of times.

In 1998 The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s version of “Sleep Walk” would receive a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. “Sleep Walk” is also cited as an inspiration to Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac- in 1968 to write “Albatross” -which in turn inspired The Beatles “Sun King.”

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  1. I agree the tune is haunting. It sends chills right up my spine. I had the honor to see Johnny Santos perform this live at one of the oldies shows. It was surreal, to say the least.

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