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The 5th Billboard #1 hit single- “It’s Only Make Believe”- Conway Twitty. #1 for two non-consecutive weeks- November 10th and then again November 24th. Released on MGM.  Written by Jack Nance and Conway Twitty. Genre: Country, Rockabilly, Pop. Time: 2:10. B:Side: “I’ll Try.” Grade: B

Conway Twitty was born Harold Jenkins- in 1957 he decided that wasn’t a good enough name for show business so he looked at a map and saw the towns of Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas. Twitty is remembered today as a country artist- he eventually ended up with 40 #1 hits- a record until George Strait came along [he had 44} but until 1965 Twitty was a rock and roll singer. Before he went country he had 14 Hot 100 singles between 1957-62 with “It’s Only Make Believe” his biggest hit and only Billboard Pop #1. When the album was released “It’s Only Make Believe” was the b-side but DJ’s flipped “I’ll Try” over and liked the b-side more. It also went to #1 in the UK. In 1970 Twitty would record a duet of the song with Loretta Lynn on their first album of duets.


  1. I’ve always liked this song and Conway… I saw him play… not music but softball. He was really nice to everyone. I had no idea he had that many number 1 hits.

    • He was offered a contract by the Phillies but chose music… a friend of mine- has a friend who went camping once- Twitty was there camping too- the friend went up to him and said “Aren’t you Conway Twitty?” He said “No I am Harold Jenkins.–then laughed and said he was.

    • LOL… that is great. That explains it…he had a softball team and they played quite a bit. I didn’t know he was that good. I saw him in the 80s.

  2. His chosen name of Conway Twitty reminds me of the actor Rip Torn.
    If Conway was born Harold Jenkins, Rip was probably born Bob Smith, lol !! Had no idea he died that young. And from such an odd thing (it seems like, in my opinion at least)

    • I was surprised at that also! Not that there is anything wrong with Elmore as a name but he also needed a nickname for showbiz- Rip Torn!

  3. Yeah, Elmore’s just sort of old-fashioned. None of the *kids* at my job are named Elmore or Larry or Albert. A new guy just started at my job named Gibbs. So if Gibbs went into show biz, he wouldn’t even HAVE to change his name. But Elmore…yeah, lol !!!

  4. Oh my god, that’s just wrong !!! Dorcus?! Come on! Unless, of course, it was in tradition of a beloved family name or something…. Then, what can ya do? It’s tradition, lol !!

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