Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart 1969- Part 138. The three singles today all entered the chart on August 23, 1969- and all three ended up making it into the Top 40- “I’m Gonna Make You Mine “- Lou Christie, “You,I”- The Rugbys and “Walk On By”- Isaac Hayes.

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440. “I’m Gonna Make You Mine “- Lou Christie. Buddah. Pop. Written by Tony Romeo. B-side:”I’m Gonna Get Married.” Peaked at #10 and spent 12 weeks on the chart. Lou Christie was born Lugeo Sacco in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Between 1963-74 he had a dozen Hot 100 hits with 5 making the Top 40. His biggest hit was “Lightening Strikes”- #1 in 1965. Grade: A-



441. “You, I”- The Rugbys” Amazon. Rock. Written by Steve McNicol. B-side: “I Don’t Need You No More.” Peaked at #24 and spent 11 weeks on the chart. A rock group from Nashville- this was the only Hot 100 hit The Rugbys had. Love the distortion at the beginning of the song: Grade: A


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442. “Walk On By”- Isaac Hayes. Enterprise. Soul. Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. B-side: “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” Peaked at #30 and spent 12 weeks on the chart. A week later the b-side- an edited version of “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” would enter the charts. “Walk On By” was the first entry into the Hot 100 for Isaac Hayes who was a veteran of the Memphis music scene- a producer, songwriter and keyboardist at Stax- he had played hits for a number of artists including the immortal Otis Redding. “Walk On By” had been a hit in 1964  #6 by Dionne Warwick. [ worth noting- Warwick’s Walk On By- had been recorded on November 22, 1963} Hayes would go on to have 15 Hot 100 hits with 9 making the Top 40- his most successful being a #1 -Theme From Shaft in 1971. I will attach both the single version and the unedited album version of “Walk On By.”  Grade: A



  1. The Rugbys? I have to look more into them. A rock band from Nashville wasn’t exactly a popular thing then or through the 80s. The song is packed with guitar…I like it.

    • I looked them up and they ended up opening for Bob Seger, Grand Funk Railroad, the James Gang…that is pretty cool BUT… their follow up single was called…. ready for this? “Wendegahl the Warlock”… yea try to get that in the top 40. The little that I found is they broke up in 1970 after changes.

      They sound kinda of like Rare Earth. I will have to ask some of my friends about them.

    • Yes I’d say the follow up wasn’t a great move…I guess there are a lot of bands like that- always pressure to follow up your hit with a hit and when it fails the group ends up disbanding or are dropped by the record company.

    • It’s pretty cool though because I found some pages dedicated to them with fans in the Southeast…and the members would chime in also.
      Off Topic…I got Love Me Do Wednesday…I hope to start reading it soon… Also on my way to work next week I will start Solid State by Womack.

    • I will have to order the Womack book this weekend…. I just finished a book about The Wichita Lineman. Towards the end Jimmy Webb said the one regret he had was not working with Elvis- that he didn’t because The Colonel wanted 100 Percent of the publishing of the song and Webb thought- I am successful working with other artists etc- I’m not giving that to him [Parker}.. he said that he was at Elvis’s Las Vegas premier in the front row and Elvis passed him a note “See me backstage”- that when he went the hangers on took him to Parker who turned him away… the author of the book speculated- without Parker what may have been- what if Elvis had went to John and Paul in the late 60’s and asked them to write an album for him? The author speculated that with the debt they felt they owned him that maybe they would….also that Elvis/ Parker’s idea of an album was a couple singles and b-sides and throw in some filler- that they never had an idea of how to make and album- and imagine if John and Paul had written an album for Elvis… of course all speculation. As we’ve both said- Elvis should have told Parker to take a hike.

  2. That is sad about Webb not getting to see him backstage…sorry for the novel Hans.

    Dolly Parton did the same thing to the Colonel. You probably know this and may have told me lol… but the song I’ll Always Love You…she wanted Elvis to do it but the Colonel wanted it all…Dolly said no thank you and she is happy she did…with the money she made from Whitney Houston version.

    I don’t’ blame Webb or Parton. The Colonel could pull that stuff on up and coming writers but not established ones. Jerry Reed got by with it with Guitar Man because Elvis recorded it before they asked Jerry…Jerry told them to stuff it…he wasn’t selling his soul…he knew Elvis loved the song and it was in the can and Jerry kept all the publishing. Somebody got into a lot of trouble with the Colonel.

    Can you imagine that? John and Paul writing him an album. I have to think they would have knocked it out of the park and they would have written together again for a project like that. I would have loved to hear the result.

    When I think of Elvis albums…only two come to mind. The Comeback album and the Aloha from Hawaii album…that is it. His albums were cheap covers and hastily put together. Some of the worst covers ever. You would have thought Sgt Pepper would have woke them up over how important an album was at that time. I wish he would have split with him but the Colonel must have held things over his head…just sad.

    • I forget who said it- but we both commented on it- someone staying Parker was happy selling trinkets at concerts… the author was also speculating that possible just possibly doing a project with Elvis could have somehow sparked a rekindling of the John- Paul relationship at the time. …You have to blame Parker for so much- but at some point- well Elvis wasn’t a moron- he needed to step up instead of being stepped on….. the author also talks about how Elvis as we know basically secluded himself in Graceland- not mixing among fellow performers etc… Yes the cheap looking covers- in doing the 1969 singles – I was amazed at the covers they used on the Elvis singles- they looked like stuff that was put out back in the 50’s- not something you would use in 1969. As a kid I always looked at Elvis like a relic from the past not of my generation- and of course he wasn’t 70 he was in his 30’s at the time. I thought of him as pretty square- and in 1956 for example no one would have thought that… it’s all pretty sad. . Can you imagine in the 60’s and 70’s if Elvis had had access to the best songwriters and not hacks? I’ve always thought- he comes back from the army and tells Parker to go fly a kite- and maybe he’s still alive today.

    • I thought about John and Paul actually writing together again and yea it might have rekindled them. I would see them jumping at the chance. As strange as it sounds…I could see Dylan being pulled in also. At that time who wouldn’t want to work with him…but the Colonel loved the hacks who had no clout and would give Elvis everything.

      I believe it was the early seventies in Vegas that Elvis finally said he had enough but then the Colonel claimed Elvis owed him 2 million or something which was laughable…according to Guralnick book. If he would have hired a lawyer he could have sorted it out…that would have been the time to break free.

      It was like he was codependent on him. Later on taking 50 percent…just unthinkable. It’s like what we talked about the other day. The Colonel was all about the short term…the quick buck…true to the huckster he was at heart. He didn’t care at all about his art or his legacy. It sure did hurt him in the long run.

      The way you saw Elvis is the way many did…I mean come on…of all people, Elvis should not be square but…there he was. No matter what age he was…look at Dylan or Lennon…they are/were a lot of things but square isn’t one of them. If managed right Elvis could have been that. Wasn’t it John who said meeting Elvis was like meeting Elbert Humperdinck? That is what he kinda turned into.

    • I had forgotten the John quote on Elvis! That is a good one. The author of the book was saying the same thing you said- Dylan- others any songwriter worth anything would have been knocking one another over to work with Elvis. It’s funny how some artists think long term and obviously Elvis wasn’t thinking or didn’t have the guts to stand up for himself and his legacy. The quote that I always thought summed up Parker was asked what he would do now that Elvis was dead “Manage Elvis” It was all about a quick dollar or two. …Parker would be turning over in his grave now if he knew how he is viewed today. But he wouldn’t have changed a thing I am sure. Always the carny.

    • In the end…Parker made more money on Elvis dead than he did Elvis alive. I can’t help but feel for Elvis…but as you said…he wasn’t a moron. He had a choice. He could have worked with the best.
      Parker stopped him…or demanded a crazy amount of money…for Elvis to be in A Star Is Born instead of Kristofferson. Not my favorite movie but it would have helped him at that time.

    • The world could have been open to Elvis- but he chose to sit in the jungle room at Graceland with his friends- and anyone who questioned The King was expelled from the Kingdom. Yes that movie would have helped him. Now that I think about it in the 70’s as a teenager I can’t recall anyone my age liking Elvis. The people who liked Elvis that I knew were folks my parents age- and at the time I didn’t get the attraction at all… He was such a talent but for the most part a wasted talent after he went into the army.. I can’t imagine The Beatles putting up with the type of management that Elvis got from Parker. Of course there were four of them and only one Elvis- but there had to be some deep insecurity in Elvis…

    • Elvis was about nostalgia and that is about it when he passed. I remember you saying his death…while not a good thing it didn’t hit you like Lennon did…it was the same with me.
      No Lennon would not have put up with that management…come to think of it…none of them would.

    • Its too bad Parker wasn’t exposed as a fraud during Elvis’ lifetime [or his own} the whole thing about being an illegal and making up a past.

    • And the possible…just possible murder…that could just be a wild tale but many believe it and the reason he wouldn’t go back.

  3. Walk On By was good but the b-side, “By the Time I Get to Phoenix, was excellent. Long, soulful and sexy. I remember the late night radio show I listened to made a point of playing the eighteen minute version once per night.

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