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The most famous person I have ever met would have had to have been Mean Joe Greene the greatest Pittsburgh Steeler of all time and one of the all-time greatest players in the history of the game period. When I was twelve there was a bank opening in town and Joe Greene and back up quarterback Terry Hanratty from the Steelers were going to be there to sign autographs. My friend’s father took us and we got autographs and shook hands with both players. The thing I remember from that is Joe Greene was a huge man but certainly off the football field didn’t seem a bit mean.

There have been talk for a while that Paul McCartney had bought a home about 5 miles outside of town- in the country near where I live. I heard a few people mention seeing him around but I hadn’t been that lucky. I was called to fix a water leak- and it was at his house. After working a while his son James came down and was talking to me. He was reading my mind- before I could ask the question I wanted to ask- he told me that his father wasn’t home at the moment but should be back later in the day. He then invited me into the house.

There was a fellow who resembled Paul somewhat -who greeted me. He introduced himself as Paul. I looked at him and laughed and told him while you do resemble him I know better. He laughed and told me his name- which I can’t remember. It wasn’t anyone I was familiar with. When I got up to the top of the stairs and walked into a living room I saw that Paul and I had something in common- we were both ‘stackers”- and I thought “wait until I get home and tell her that Paul stacks things up like I do. I turned the corner and went into a room and there were 4 or 5 people in the room. I didn’t recognize any of them but they were friendly. There was a little dog- who ran up to me- but instead of barking at a stranger it seemed friendly. I reached down and petted the dog and I had a new friend. Not sure what kind of dog it was. I looked outside into the big yard and saw another dog- which was huge- it was the size of a cow but it was a dog. Reminded me of a St. Bernard that a neighbor had when I was growing up but even larger. After talking a while with these folks I told them I should get back to work.

I went back and was working on fixing that leak when a while later I heard a voice- I looked up and it was PAUL MCCARTNEY!   The first thing he asked was “How do you like my new hairstyle. I said it looked great- but actually it was a little hideous. The top half was dark black the ends were blonde. He looked kind of silly. Of course I couldn’t tell him that. He then invited me in- I was kind of dumbstruck. Here is one of my heroes- Paul McCartney and we are standing right next to each other. We were the same height [the fellow who I had earlier encountered who claimed to be Paul- was short- I mean Prince -like short.  I didn’t know what to say- he said something about they would write me a check for the work I had finished. I told him that just meeting him was payment enough. He laughed and reached over and picked up a photo and a pen and wrote his name it and handed it to me. He then said that he was going to watch some old film from The Beatles days -would I like to join him in the film room?  The film began- there The Beatles were- they were outdoors and in their Sgt. Pepper uniforms. Then the worst thing that could happen did- I woke up from my dream.


    • I did too this morning when I woke up. My first thought was go back to sleep and pick up where it left off- but that can’t happen.

    • That is pretty cool. I never run into anyone! Hope all your encounters were positive ones. I did meet one of my favorites- Warren Zevon once- he was extremely nice.

    • I think Page was glad to be recognized. I was in Atlanta for a conference and used air miles to upgrade to an extremely swanky hotel and he was milling around in the lobby.

      This was about ‘94? Long after their explosive-ness US tour of what was it, about ‘78?

      King was talking to a red-headed groupie but was nice. Sting nodded, shook hands and was out of there.

      This was the Blue Turtles tour and his drummers hometown was this city. Just happened to be there and be invited.

  1. You had my attention with the words Paul McCartney and Saint Bernard…I was going to say…you have been holding out with this info…
    Hey, meeting Mean Joe Greene had to pretty cool.

    • Yes it sure would- unless his wife was from there or something like that- Smokey Robinson has a house in the Pittsburgh suburbs- his wife is from the area… it is probably even more far fetched that anyone would want me to fix a water leak! I have no idea how that got into the dream.

  2. You really had me going Hans, although I too thought it odd that Sir Paul would buy a house in rural Ohio. The most famous person I’ve met is probably the actor Chris Cooper, who I practically accosted at the baggage claim in Boston’s Logan Airport in 2007, while I waited for friends to arrive. We spoke for a few minutes, but it was clear he was eager for our conversation to end, and quickly left once he retrieved his luggage.

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