HANK WILLIAMS: THE ORIGINAL SINGLES COLLECTION: 1990: 3 DISCS: COUNTRY: GRADE : A++: CD: 3 discs 84 songs from The Hillbilly Shakespeare- Hank Williams. Hank recording career was short- 1947-52- he died on New Years Day 1953 at the age of 29.  He has been dead closing on 70 years but remains the most legendary and important figure in the history of country music and on the short list of greatest and most important musical figures in the history of American music [I will go with Louis Armstrong at #1 but Hank has to be Top 5 at least.} Hank influenced not only country music- but artists like Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Elvis, The Rolling Stones and on and on. He may even be considered the first punk rocker.  There is no way I could make a list of Hank’s best songs- the list would go on and on. In 2010 the Pulitzer Prize jury awarded awarded Hank a posthumous special citation for his craftsmanship as a songwriter who expressed universal feelings with poignant simplicity and played a pivotal role in transforming country music into a major musical and cultural force in American life.

This 3 cd set contains most of his great songs- but I do have the massive ten disc 225 song- The Complete Hank Williams that came out in the late 90’s [it isn’t complete and some of the recordings aren’t essential } I will be listening to the box a disc at a time in the next month.  My favorite Hank songs- I will go with two- ‘I Saw The Light” and ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.”

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    • They did do a great job on Hank in that series. He sure had a ton of issues- the back problem, the drinking and drugs and the mom and wife.

    • I have watched the Burns doc twice now. Question for you since you are in the Nashville area- when did the Grand Ole Opry lose its mojo? I am sure the country music folks in Nashville still view it as something huge and I am not saying it isn’t but it seems like there was a time when it was really big- important- I certainly don’t view it as that anymore- they keep it going but to me it’s like Saturday Night Live- a thing of the past. Am I wrong?

    • No you are right. It lost it when it moved from the Ryman building to a modern building on the grounds of Opryland and because a carnival attraction in 73 or 74.
      Now I hear more about the Ryman with rock concerts. I live here and I never hear about the Grand Ole Opry anymore.

    • I was thinking a combination of moving out of the old building- and some of the old stars dying off. I didn’t know if it was just my perception -a days drive away- you never hear about the Opry in Ohio. Also- around here- in Wheeling back in the day- 60’s -70’s big stars would come and play on Saturday nights at the Wheeling Jamboree- the theater holds a few thousand I’d guess-but the big stars of the day would come. Then it got to the point where the country stars were playing bigger places- and of course they could make more money playing elsewhere- no one big comes anymore. That’s where I saw Buck and Merle.

    • The old stars dying off…yea I never thought of that but yes a good point. I remember hearing as a kid that people wanted the history of the Ryman but they got a newer building. I saw The Temptations in the 80s there and many concerts. It’s nice but no where sounds as good as The Ryman to me. It really is incredible.

      Jennifer has mentioned the Wheeling Jamboree before. That is perfectly located…near many other places to get a lot of fans.

    • I saw Dwight Yoacum there this past winter- but his drawing power isn’t what it once was. No big current star [not even Brad Paisley who is a local boy} is going to play there. A nice venue though but its all about money.

    • I think artists have forgotten…you play places like that you pick up new fans and people who will buy your songs. Now it’s all about short term gain and not long term.
      Many companies think like that now.

    • You are right- its a live for today let’s rake in all we can right now- short term thinking today in everything. No patience. In baseball managers are fired after one year if they don’t produce. As a Steeler fan I am glad the Rooney’s didn’t think that way- Chuck Noll 1-13 in his first year- if that would be today a lot of teams fire him- even though he had nothing to work with.

    • They say history repeats itself…I hope it does and pateince comes around again in all areas. I’m not holding my breath because of the money involved.
      The Steelers are fortunate to have the Rooney’s who know good things will come.
      Quarterbacks also…my gosh at one time they had a clipboard for a year or two…sometimes 3…

    • Yes now you get drafted and you better produce.. It wasn’t until season 5 that Terry Bradshaw started to bloom. Today he’d be out of the league by then.

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