Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 130- Four singles today all entered the chart on August 9, 1969- all of them failed to crack the Top 40.

414. ” I Could Never Be President”- Johnnie Taylor. Stax. Soul. Written Bettye Crutcher, Don Davis, Homer Banks, and Raymond Jackson. B-side:”It’s Amazing.” Peaked at #48 and 8 weeks on the chart. The 3rd of 4 Hot 100 singles Johnnie Taylor had on the chart in 1969- his biggest hit from the year was earlier in the year with “Take Care Of Your Homework” #20. ” Grade: B



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415. ” One Night Affair”- O’Jays. Neptune. Soul. Written by Gamble and Huff. B-Side: “There’s Someone {Waiting Back Home} Peaked at #68 and spent 6 weeks on the chart. The O’Jay’s only Hot 100 single in 1969- the group which started out of Canton, Ohio from 1963-70 had 10 singles which made the Hot 100 but failed to make the Top 40- but they stuck with it and in the early 70’s struck gold with “Back Stabbers” #3 and their biggest chart hit a #1 with “Love Train”- in 1972. Grade: B-


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416.Questions 67 And 68″- Chicago. Columbia. Pop. Written by Robert Lamm. B-side: “Listen”- Peaked at #71 3 weeks on the chart. This single would be re-released in 1971 and go to #24. In 1969 it was their first Hot 100 single- they would eventually have 50 Hot 100 singles with 34 making the Top 40. Grade: B


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417. “I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am”-Dean Martin. Reprise. Pop. Written by Merle Haggard. B-side”Drowning In My Tears”- Peaked at #75 and spent 4 weeks on the chart. A cover of the great Merle Haggard’s country hit- it was the final of 30 Hot 100 singles the man born Dino Crocetti in Steubenville, Ohio. Dean had 17 single He had two #1’s  1955 “Memories Are Made Of This” and in 1964 knocking The Beatles off the #1 spot with “Everybody Loves Somebody.” I love Dean but this song doesn’t really suit him. Grade: C




  1. Dean Martin singing, “The things I learned in hobo jungle were not taught in a classroom.” Just no. First 2 blah, and the Chicago song I love, as I love most of that 2 album set (except where Terry Kath goes experimental).

  2. Dean had a great appreciation for country music. He cut many country songs. One of his last albums, The Nashville Sessions from 1983, featured many country songs – including a duet with Conway Twitty. He sings Drinking Champagne, which would later be a hit for George Strait, and does a great cover of Ivory Joe Hunter’s Since I Met You Baby on the album. I would agree, that his Merle cover is not his best song.

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