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The Hinoeuma   who’s blog can be found at – – pointed out to me this article the other day- I do think the article is one of those ones where someone came up with an idea for the article and someone said “Ten years” because ten years seems to go by in a flash. Of the rock stars of the 60’s [mostly it focuses on 60’s -early 70’s stars}  the only one listed that I know of who isn’t doing well at the moment is Joni Mitchell. Most of the rest are still going on long tours etc. I think if the article said within 15 years it would be more accurate- I think they go with ten to be dramatic.

Who will be the last one standing? Keith Richards?

Article attached below–


    • Most on that list seem pretty active maybe that is a key to their what it seems to be at least- decent health… and they survived the 60’s so I think most changed their ways.

  1. What a depressing article! I mean, yes, it’s true, just like us regular folks, rock stars are mortal – gee, what a brilliant insight!😀

    Also, let’s be honest here, most of the “old rockers” who are still around are past their prime time. To the extent they still release new music, for the most part, it doesn’t reach the old glory. As such, you could argue, they died a long time ago, artistically speaking.

    Instead of thinking about death, I prefer to think about the positive: While Jagger, McCartney and Young, to name three of my long-time music heroes, inevitably will move on, their music is immortal. “My, my, hey, hey, rock & roll is here to stay!“🎸

    And there is so much fantastic music that came out during the ‘60s and ‘70s. In fact, while I would consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable, I oftentimes feel I’ve only scratched the surface, and there’s so much more I’ve yet to discover!

    So even as the surviving giants from the rock era pass away, I can continue to enjoy their music. And I undoubtedly will!

    As for the live experience, I guess we will have to rely on tribute bands. There are some pretty good ones out there. Happy to give tips!😀

    • If one of the aging rockers released their best ever album- would it be recognized as such? I think they are fighting a losing battle. They will never be as good as they were- in the eyes of the public.

  2. I didn’t read the article but I feel listing rock and roll legends who might die in the next decade borders on macabre. With hologram concerts on the ground floor, our heroes will never die.

    • I don’t know how I feel about hologram concerts…. will have to see. I think they are jumping the gun- on saying the majority of these people will be dead in ten years. Some will no doubt.

    • I don’t like the idea of a hologram concert replacing a person, but for young people, I think they need to see them if the star has passed on, if only to inspire them to want to play R&R. Agreed on the projection, come on, life expectancy is 100 these days, and by the time 100 comes it may be more 🙂

  3. Wow, really does make me increasingly aware of my own mortality, especially that I’m now on Medicare!!!

    I realize that much of the rock music being made today isn’t breaking any new ground, but I still don’t understand why so many young people just dismiss it outright, in favor of so much bad pop, bro-country and mostly mediocre rap and hip hop. There is some very good rock music being made, but you’d never know if by looking at the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

    • I think and I could be wrong- for the most part a majority of people just like whatever is thrown at them. There is good rock music being made but as you said no one would be aware of it- it’s hidden for the most part and a large percentage of the people are just happen at listening what they are told is the hip thing to like. Not very adventuresome. You would know better than I do- what kind of music out there is ground breaking today? I don’t think it’s anything on the charts.

  4. The rock stars may die but their music lives on plus I can always go visit their legacies at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Keep sending the music with this blog and you can help us withstand their impending demise Good luck with your Steelers this week.

    • I am thinking playing the Patriots right off the bat is the best way to go- seems like the Pats get off to slow starts and heat up as the year goes on- some years. That said- they have to go there to play them.. I see your Browns getting off to a good start on Sunday.

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