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The Sounds Of Summer- Day 73/95. “Beautiful Day”- U2. The other day on my way to work I noticed how brilliantly blue the sky was- not a cloud in the sky and it was also one of those rather cool for August days- low humidity- just perfect. The U2 song “Beautiful Day” came to mind because that is exactly what it was. “Beautiful Day” is on U2’s “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” album- from 2000- their comeback to being U2 after their worst ever album by far- Pop.

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    • One thing overall I’ve noticed about U2- and I am a big fan- lyrically they are not always strong songs.. they have their moments but people don’t walk around quoting U2 lyrics.

    • I just mean that it could be more grandiose and hard-hitting, like “Where The Streets Have No Name” or “Angel of Harlem”. The music and Bono’s vocals just sound too subdued to my ears, so it probably has to do with the production and arrangement of the song.

    • That song also reminds me of 9-11– I remember that morning clearly where I live- I remember thinking that morning how bright and clear the sky looked…

    • That turned out to be of course a terrible day- but I remember thinking that morning before anything happened- looking out the window- how brilliant the sun was shining….. off topic- we were talking libraries– one thing that shocked me when I began working there- for some reason I thought my fellow workers would be book people- turns out they are not- there is one co-worker who like me has a reading- book obsession- who I talk books/ reading etc with– the rest- no. I found it kind of shocking at first. It’s a job. They do their jobs well and all but when we have a book sale for instance only the two of us check out what is there. the rest not interested.

    • I’m sorry you had that wonderful feeling about the day only to have something that horrific happen. About your job that is shocking about your co-workers not being book people. It would be like a person working at a candy store that doesn’t like candy. To think of books as a job is hard to wrap the mind around.

    • Don’t get wrong- these folks are good at their job and I don’t see anyone leaving- but I just found it odd that they all aren’t book lovers.

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