Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 83. There are 5ive more singles which came on the charts on May 17, 1969- may as well go with them all today. “You Don’t Need Me Anymore”- Brenda Lee, “I Threw It All Away”- Bob Dylan, “My Wife, My Dog, My Cat”-Maskman And The Agents, “Let Me Love You”-Ray Charles and “Sausalito”Al Martino.

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257. “You Don’t Need Me Anymore”- Brenda Lee. Decca. Pop. Written by Leon Carr and Richard Ahlert. B-Side: “Bring Me Sunshine.” This was Brenda Lee’s second entry into the Hot 100 in 1969- and like the first one it failed to make the Top 40. Her Top 40 days were over. “You Don’t Need Me Anymore” peaked at #84 and spent 3 weeks in the Hot 100. Lee would have 2 more Hot 100 hits in her career- the last being in 1973- for a total of 55 Hot 100 hits- all before the age of 30. Grade: C


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258. “I Threw It All Away”- Bob Dylan. Columbia. Rock. Written by Bob Dylan. B-Side: “Drifter’s Escape.” Bob never known as a ‘singles’ artist- has had a total of 23 Hot 100 entries over his long career with 12 making the Top 40- his biggest hit being what I would probably rank as my favorite song of all time “Like A Rolling Stone” which reached #2 in 1965. “I Threw It All Away” peaked at #85 and spent 5 weeks on the chart. Grade: A.


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259. “My Wife, My Dog, My Wife”- Maskman And The Agents. Dynamo. Soul. Written by Harmon Bethea and Jim Burston. B-side: Love Bandito.” Maskman and The  Agents had 2 entries on the charts in their history both being in 1969- and this was the highest charting -#91 2 weeks in the Hot 100. Grade: B-.


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260. “Let Me Love You”- Ray Charles. ABC. Soul. Written by Jimmy Holiday. B-Side: ” I’m Satisfied.” Ray’s 2nd of 3 Hot 100 hits  in 1969- none of them reached the Top 40. “Let Me Love You”-#94 2 weeks on the chart. Grade: B+


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261. “Sausalito”- Al Martino. Capitol. Pop. Written by Cashman, Pistilli and West. B-Side: ” Take My Hand For A While.” When I think of Al Martino I think of him playing Johnny Fontane in The Godfather. Martino would have 35 Hot 100 singles from 1959-77 with 12 making the Top 40- His biggest hit being “I Love You Because” #3 in 1963? “Sausalito” peaked at #99 and spent 3 weeks on the chart. Although it didn’t do much on the chart it is kind of neat that even in 1969 the charts had room for an Al Martino. I like the diversity on the charts back in those days. Grade: C+


  1. Let me get this straight: Bob Dylan and Al Martino had an equal number of top 40 hits? I’m very surprised at that and that Dylan had that many. I only remember a few (Rolling Stone, Lay Lady Lay, and Just like a woman.) Good Ray Charles tune!

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