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Blinded By The Light- opened yesterday and I was off for the day so I had to go see it. The movie does a great job at displaying the power music can have on people’s lives- in this case the music of Bruce Springsteen. I ran across this article-[attached below} which sums it the power of The Boss’s music pretty well. I would highly recommend the movie.


  1. I plan on seeing it but not right away. Excellent write-up at the link. Every bit of it true. When I watched that MusicCares special on Bruce and felt his presence when he got up there to do his tunes, it had a big impact on me. Just the way he interacts with others and how people respond to him leaves me speechless. Hearing his music is one thing seeing him in action adds a beautiful dimension.

    • I saw him a few years ago in concert- and he still puts 120% into his shows- the show felt like it wasn’t going to end- I think he played over 3 1/2 hours. The crowd was exhausted before he was. The movie made me remember why- in 1980- Bruce would have been one of my favorite four artists at that time.

  2. Sounds like an intriguing film. I rarely go to the movies these days, except for epic 4-hour marathon’s like the Woodstock Director’s Cut! 🙂

    One of the truly remarkable things about Springsteen, which he himself noted during his Broadway performance, is that he has never worked in a factory or held another “regular job,” hasn’t been in the army, etc. In other words, he has the ability to write about things as if he had lived through them, yet has never actually experienced them himself.

    • Although Bruce may not have experienced those things himself- he did grow up in a family that was struggling to keep their heads above water- and with a father who certainly knew all about that kind of work. My father worked in a steel mill- and while I thankfully never did- my life was influenced by his having done that. I saw how he hated his job and received no satisfaction from what he did. He would also press on to me to get an education that I didn’t want what to do the same thing he did.

      I haven’t been going to movies in the past few years either but have been to 3 in the past two months- Yesterday- Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and Blinded By The Light…

  3. Pointing to Springsteen’s environment is a very good point. Another example I recall in this context is the widely misunderstood “Born In The U.S.A.”, which is far from being an anthem and resulted from meetings he had with returning war veterans. Of course, that didn’t prevent a former cowboy actor-turned politician from exploiting the song!

    Like other great songwriters, Springsteen has the ability to put situations less fortunate folks experience in words and images you can relate to, even if you yourself have never been in the situation he’s singing about.

    • Funny- Born In The USA gets a mention in the film from the young Bruce fanatic-in the same manner you addressed it!

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