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In doing some reading online about Woodstock- I came across this interesting article on the underside of Woodstock- including the tragic death of a 17 year old who was killed while sleeping when run over by a tractor hauling a water tank trailer and one other who died of a drug overdose.


  1. After I finished reading about the tragedy, which was awful, the rest of the article was alternatively eye opening and a hoot. I’ve been listening to the WXPN broadcast of the entire festival this weekend. The announcements made by the emcee Chip Monck, between stage acts are by far the most interesting and enlightening part of the broadcast. I’m convinced this was the original Fyre Festival. What saved it wasn’t the organizers or festival goers, but the locals, medical personnel, government and military, who (despite being maligned and disdained by the festival goers) found a way to get food, water and medical services to everyone who needed it. The festival goers have spent the past 50 years patting themselves on the back for … not rioting I guess? The organizers have smugly basked in their notoriety and still weren’t any better at organizing a festival 50 years later. In a different decade, they might have faced prosecution. Anyway, thanks for posting this story.

    • Yes very good point- the unsung heroes are the ones who stepped in on the Saturday with the food, water and medical services… if that didn’t happen I believe it would have turned very ugly.

    • Somebody always has to look at the worst, and I guess this time it is you. I am not saying death and hospitalizations were good things, but in a crowd the size of Woodstock, which no one could have prepared for, everyone together did a great job. I guess you know that the powers-that-be wanted to force the festival to close and chase everyone out with bulldozers before the rain fell and human beings responded to the needs of other human beings.
      I would love to see a crowd of republican supporters gather 500,000 strong and have no violence, only two accidental deaths, run out of food and water, get drenched in a tropical downpour, not have enough toilet facilities, and see how they handle it!
      You today have no idea what the hippie/flower child movement was all about. You live with violence all around you, and you do nothing to stop it. We tried, and we were serious about it. Peace was not just a slogan, it was a movement that turned unsuccessful because of all the CIA, FBI, and other initialed infiltrators who brought anger and hatred into our midst. And now you come along and pooh-pooh what we tried to do. I’m holding three fingers up. Read between the lines.
      I’m outta here!

    • Goodness, that’s a boatload of assumptions about me–age, affiliations, beliefs, etc; all of which are wrong, but unfortunately prompted your anger. Yes I was there for the hippie/flower child era. Too much about Woodstock has become legend and hype. When I question authority and information sources, Woodstock doesn’t get a free pass. I’ve acknowledged that people and agencies out of a sense of humanitarianism, donated food, water and services, to keep the festival goers safe in a massively out of control setting. I don’t see that as looking at the worst. If you disagree with me, then we will have to agree to disagree. I’m not going to try to change your mind on any of your beliefs, and you haven’t changed mine.

  2. I think the article raises valid points and is a reminder that as great as Woodstock was in many regards, the festival shouldn’t be blindly glorified either. When you really think about all the things that went wrong, it is actually a miracle that it didn’t end it in complete chaos. In addition to some degree of luck, I believe the reason for this outcome is that people really pulled together – the attendees, the locals, the medical personnel, the military, the police – something I sadly doubt would be possible nowadays.

    • All it would have took was for a fraction of that crowd to have gotten out of hand and it could have been one of the great disasters of the 60’s but it didn’t.

  3. Whoever said that the local government and local organizations saved the festival with essentials has it right. It’s humans helping humans that made it possible. I still wouldn’t have wanted to be on the cleanup crew for that mess. Hans, I keep seeing varying numbers of how many were there, anywhere from 300k to 500k. How many do you think were there, based on what you’ve read?

    • I really don’t know- in a couple weeks I hope to be there- i think that may give me a better feel looking the place over…. I remember going to Dealey Plaza in Dallas and being stunned at how small the area there was. I was expecting a much larger area. ….. The biggest crowd I would have ever been around would be around 65,000 in a sports stadium I would guess.

  4. Yeah, didn’t a recent post have aof the guy who hosted the festival standing in front of the garbage and litter-covered background after everyone had left? I wouldn’t want to clean that up either!
    I never could have attended. That crowd was way too big for me. 🙂

    • Yes that crowd- No way not a chance. Where would you even start on the clean-up? That had to take weeks. I saw some footage of people walking around picking stuff up in their bare hands….

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