American Top 40 replay on the 70’s on 7- this weeks countdown is from the week of August 13, 1977. I believe this is the very first AT 40 that I remember listening to- I found it on the radio on a Friday night. I was hooked on it for a few years. Pretty good 40- some great songs and a few clunkers but the good over rides the bad ones- even Peter Frampton’s most embarrassing career moment- even worse than the Sgt. Pepper movie!


1 I JUST WANT TO BE YOUR EVERYTHING –•– Andy Gibb (RSO)-17 (3 weeks at #1) (1) B+
2 2 I’M IN YOU –•– Peter Frampton (A&M)-12 (2) F
3 3 BEST OF MY LOVE –•– The Emotions (Columbia)-10 (3) B+
4 7 (Your Love Has Lifted Me) HIGHER AND HIGHER –•– Rita Coolidge (A&M)-15 (4)A
5 5 DO YOU WANNA MAKE LOVE –•– Peter McCann (20th Century)-17 (5) D
6 4 MY HEART BELONGS TO ME –•– Barbra Streisand (Columbia)-13 (4) B
7 8 EASY –•– The Commodores (Motown)-11 (7) A+
8 9 WHATCHA GONNA DO? –•– Pablo Cruise (A&M)-18 (8) B+
9 10 YOU AND ME –•– Alice Cooper (Warner Brothers)-16 (9) B
10 11 YOU MADE ME BELIEVE IN MAGIC –•– The Bay City Rollers (Arista)-11 (10) C

11 13 JUST A SONG BEFORE I GO –•– Crosby, Stills and Nash (Atlantic)-12 (11) A-
12 6 DA DOO RON RON –•– Shaun Cassidy (Warner Brothers / Curb)-14 (1) D
13 16 DON’T STOP –•– Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)-6 (13) A
14 12 LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT –•– Barry Manilow (Arista)-15 (1) C
15 17 HANDY MAN –•– James Taylor (Columbia)-9 (15) B
16 18 BARRACUDA –•– Heart (Portrait)-12 (16) A-
17 14 UNDERCOVER ANGEL –•– Alan O’Day (Pacific)-20 (1) D
18 26 SMOKE FROM A DISTANT FIRE –•– The Sanford / Townsend Band (Warner Brothers)-9 (18) B+
19 20 TELEPHONE MAN –•– Meri Wilson (GRT)-11 (19) D-
20 22 TELEPHONE LINE –•– Electric Light Orchestra (United Artists / Jet)-10 (20)  A+

21 23 GIVE A LITTLE BIT –•– Supertramp (A&M)-11 (21) A
22 24 HOW MUCH LOVE –•– Leo Sayer (Warner Brothers)-6 (22) B
23 29 FLOAT ON –•– The Floaters (ABC)-6 (23) C
24 25 YOU’RE MY WORLD –•– Helen Reddy (Capitol)-16 (18) C
25 27 BLACK BETTY –•– Ram Jam (Epic)-10 (25) B+
26 28 SWAYIN’ TO THE MUSIC (Slow Dancin’) –•– Johnny Rivers (Big Tree)-8 (26) A-
27 34 STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 –•– The Brothers Johnson (A&M)-7 (27) A+
28 42 STAR WARS (Main Title) –•– The London Symphony Orchestra / John Williams (20th Century)-6 (28) A
29 30 ON AND ON –•– Stephen Bishop (ABC)-14 (29) A
30 48 COLD AS ICE –•– Foreigner (Atlantic)-4 (30)  C

31 31 WAY DOWN –•– Elvis Presley (RCA)-8 (31) B-
32 35 CHRISTINE SIXTEEN –•– Kiss (Casablanca)-5 (32) B
33 36 SLIDE –•– Slave (Cotillion)-9 (33) B
34 68 KEEP IT COMIN’ LOVE –•– K.C. and the Sunshine Band (T.K.)-3 (34) D-
35 15 MARGARITAVILLE –•– Jimmy Buffett (ABC)-20 (8) A+
36 39 DON’T WORRY BABY –•– B.J. Thomas (MCA)-7 (36) C
37 44 IT’S A CRAZY WORLD –•– Mac McAnally (Ariola America)-6 (37) B-
38 50 SO YOU WIN AGAIN –•– Hot Chocolate (Big Tree)-5 (38) B
39 54 EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE –•– Bee Gees (RSO)-4 (39) A
40 45 SUNFLOWER –•– Glen Campbell (Capitol)-6 (40) A-

17 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 REPLAY- WEEK OF AUGUST 13, 1977

  1. That was a weird time, and an unforgettable week in music. Andy Gibb at the top and Elvis near the bottom…and the next week he was immortal. Seeing those two ‘Telephone’ songs back to back is odd, too.

    • another thing- Elvis had a song on the charts- obviously the show was recorded a few days earlier before I heard it- but Casey speaks of Elvis on the show in the present tense…That is crazy those songs being back to back- I forgot Telephone Man was THAT big of a hit.

    • Telephone Man and JT’s Handyman on the radio at the same time, too. It was like eavesdropping on a really awkward encounter.

      I just looked up the recording of Casey speaking of Elvis that week. Wow, poignant. And it sounds like the song might have stalled out at #31 if he’d lived.

    • Checking it fell to 53 the next week and then jumped back into the Top 40 and peaked at #18 in late Sept / early October. Interesting.

    • I wonder if that lull and then surge a month later was simply that they needed time to manufacture and distribute more records to meet the new demand. That’s just a guess. And then the tributes and rockabilly trend took off.

    • I wonder how far off they were then on tablulations? How quickly did it take them to get the results in from the surge after he died? The one tribute song I recall being a hit was “The King Is Gone” but I think there were others…

    • Yes I can’t recall anything other than the Ronnie McDowell song but it seemed like there were a ton of tributes etc. I think the Ronnie McDowell song was out in like a week.

  2. This is around the time I really started to pay attention to music outside the music I really liked. Peter McCann…wow I thankfully had forgotten that until I just played it.

  3. This list sure brings back memories, as I spent that summer in Portland, Oregon. Some of my favorites from that period include Telephone Line, Strawberry Letter 23, On and On, Give a Little Bit and even Manilow’s Looks Like We Made It. I think I’ll do a post on Strawberry Letter 23 soon.

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