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How many lefthanders are out there? Well today is a day to celebrate- it’s International Lefthanders Day. There are an estimated 708 million lefthanders in the world- men are more likely to be lefthanded than right. An estimated 7% to 10% of the worlds population is lefthanded. In my family- my father was left handed- so are my brother and sister- only my mother is right handed. 4 out of 5 that is certainly against the averages.  I am not only lefthanded- but pretty much left everything. If I were to kick a ball it would be with my left foot. If I were to look through a peep hole I would with my left eye. If I were going to put my ear up against a door to listen to something going on -on the other side it would be my left ear. When I played baseball I hit and threw left handed. Above is a photo of my favorite lefty of all-time.

Below an article on left-handedness and a list of famous left-handers.




  1. I am not left handed but have watched over the years as my lefty daughter struggles to live in a right handed world. Even her computer at work is set up with the mouse on the right and a cord that’s too short to pull to the other side. Gotta “hand ” it to ya’.

  2. Happy Left Hander Day, Hans and the rest of the lefties reading. I can’t believe you use your right hand to mouse. There have to be left-handed mouses out there! To library lady, they make wireless mouses now so you don’t have to worry about the cord.

    • I have been using the mouse right handed now for so long– I don’t think I could change. It’s all good. A lot of the time I am writing with my left hand at the same time.

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