Hans Remembers- News Headlines From Tuesday August 12 and Wednesday August 13, 1969- 50 years ago.

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Tuesday August 12, 1969- The Battle of Bogside in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The Troubles. There was an outbreak in violence in a predominantly Catholic slum area- which ended up in 140 injured in the first evening of fighting when 5000 members of the Protestant Apprentice Boys Of Derry staged their annual parade to commemorate the 1689 victory of Protestant defenders over Catholic attackers in the Siege of Derry. Everything was going fine until they went into Bogside and had stones thrown at them by 300 counter-protesters. Finally on the third day of violence British Army troops moved in and began nearly 40 years of their presence in Derry.

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  • The Boston Celtics would be sold for a then record $6 million to Trans-National Communications. Their ownership would be a disaster- they would sell the team a couple years later. Long time Celtic Head Coach/ GM Red Auerbach said it was the worst ownership he had to deal with in his decades with the Celtics. 50 years later the Celtics are valued at 2.2 billion.

Wednesday August 13, 1969-

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  • The Apollo 11 astronauts- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins received a ticker tape parade in New York City. That evening they were across the country in Los Angeles and were all awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at a state dinner- from President Richard Milhous Nixon.

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  • In Major League Baseball- Temporary Commissioner Bowie Kuhn was unanimously given a 7 year contract as Commissioner of Baseball- he would remain Commissionor of Baseball until 1984 acting always as a stooge for the owners.