Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 72. One -third of the way through the year of 1969- the singles entering the charts today are the highest debuting singles from May 3, 1969. All three singles made the Top 5- and are songs that I am sure everyone has heard many times. “Bad Moon Rising”- Creedence Clearwater Revival. ” In The Ghetto”- Elvis Presley and “One”- Three Dog Night.

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217. “Bad Moon Rising”- Creedence Clearwater Revival. Fantasy, Rock. Written by John Fogerty. B-Side “Lodi.” 1969 was a huge year for CCR- this is the second of three singles which would rise to #2 -it spent 14 weeks on the chart. “Bad Moon Rising” -their song of the apocalypse – is one of their signature songs- probably second to “Proud Mary.”  The other #2 hits- “Proud Mary” and “Green River”  They would in total have 6 Top 40 hits in the year. “Lodi” the b-side failed to make the Top 40- peaking at #52. Also in 1969 they had a #3 hit in Down On The Corner” and “Commotion” #30 and my favorite CCR song “Fortunate Son” the b-side to “Down On The Corner” #14. Grade: A+.


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218. “In The Ghetto”- Elvis Presley. RCA Victor. Pop-Soul. Written by Mac Davis. B-side “Any Day Now.” 1969 was a pretty good year for Elvis also. His comeback started at the end of 1968 with his television special and continued with the new material he released in 1969- including his first #1 in 5 years “Suspicious Minds.” “In The Ghetto” written by Mac Davis would peak at #3 and spend 13 weeks on the chart- one of the highlights of the last ten years of his career. Grade: A+.


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219. “One”- Three Dog Night. Dunhill. Pop. Written by Harry Nilsson. B-side: “Chest Fever.” This was Three Dog Night’s first big hit. Earlier in the year “Try A Little Tenderness” peaked at #29- “One” would go to #5 and spend 16 weeks in the Hot 100. The b-side “Chest Fever”- a song from The Band- written by Robbie Robertson. The great Harry Nilsson written and released “One” in 1968. Three Dog Night in total would have three Top 10 singles in 1970- with “Easy To Be Hard” #4 and “Eli’s Coming” #10. In their career they would have 3 #1’s- “Mama Told Me Not To Come” 1970, “Joy To The World” 1971 and “Black & White” 1972. Grade: A


    • Off topic… Looks like no trade at all. Dodger fans are screaming…and I may be one of them if they continue to blow leads.

    • On the way home from work the Pittsburgh sports talk show guy was saying “I don’t want to turn this into Dodger talk but why didn’t they pull the trigger on this- they are the Dodgers- they have all the money in the world to spend.” He agreed and so do I that the Pirates shouldn’t have given in and taken less than what they wanted.

    • I get wanting to keep high prospects but unless the Pirates wanted the whole farm then no…in the last two big trades they did…they never gave up a number 1-3 prospects.
      They don’t do free agent signings anymore…not to speak of. So now they don’t spend big money and they don’t trade prospects. One or the other has to give. I love having true Dodgers playing but you cannot keep doing both.
      I think they are losing like 80 million in payroll this year…still are paying (Kemp) and others for not playing.

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