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“Time To Play B-Sides”- “Daddy Rollin’ [In Your Arms}- Dion. This b-side was brought to my attention a couple of decades ago when Dave Marsh listed it as #452 in his book- The Heart Of Rock N Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made. “Daddy Rollin’ [ In Your Arms} was the b-side to Dion’s final Top 40 hit – 1968’s “Abraham, Martin and John” which went to #4.  This isn’t the Dion of the early 60’s that is for sure- it is a song about heroin addiction-something that he had beaten. A haunting song.

Dion by the way was on the Winter Tour- which took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. He was offered a ride on the plane but declined because he didn’t want to spend the money $36 on the flight.



  1. Good song Hans. This is a different Dion than earlier. I didn’t know that about the plane…just a few things different and that plane’s passengers would have been different.

    • I didn’t know that either until I read it this morning.. Waylon another one who would have been on board….

    • Waylon is who I was thinking of as the other. I didn’t know about Dion…being cheap or broke was a great thing for him.
      Dark song…I like it.

    • He said $36 is how much his parents paid in rent when he was growing up- and he couldn’t see indulging himself…. yikes he was a heroin addict in his teens and got help for his addiction in 1960.

    • Wow in 1960…he got into it early. I know that Frankie Lymon got in to it early also. I don’t know why I think it started in the 60s.

    • I was assuming he had his problem in the mid 60’s not as a teenager- being from the Bronx- and being in show business at an early age I guess the stuff was around. Here is a fella who should write a memoir. Maybe he has?

  2. There’s a lot going on with this song, and I can see why it made the list. Amazing to think he and Waylon could have been on that plane but chose to skip it.

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