Hans Remembers- News Headlines from July 18, 1969- a very eventful day- the big story will get a separate post.

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  • New York Jet quarterback who tearfully announced his retirement earlier in the summer- instead of selling his interests in the Bachelor’s 3 nightclub- changed his mind and announced he would sell his interest in the club and return to the NFL.

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  • A ceasefire in the so called “Football War” between El Salvador and Honduras. After 100 hours of fighting both sides agreed to end hostilities at 10 PM local time in a pact brokered by the Organization of American States.

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  • With Apollo 11 well on its say to the Moon- President Richard Milhous Nixon’s speechwriter Bill Safire sent a memo to White House henchman – Chief Of Staff Bob Haldeman titled “In Event Of Moon Disaster.” They were going where no one had gone before- landing on the Moon- at best many thought there was a 50/50 chance of success in landing- and once they landed- would they be able to get back off the Moon? That was a huge concern- landing successfully but not being able to get off the Moon once they were there.   It wasn’t a slam dunk there were a lot of risks. Nixon never had to use the statement which started “Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace would stay on the moon to rest in peace. These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice. “

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  • Actress Barbara Pepper died of a heart attack at the age of 54. She is best remembered as Doris Ziffel in the 60’s sitcom ‘Green Acres.”


    • As an 8-9 year old I wanted to be Joe Willie–didn’t Kevin Arnold wear a Jets jacket? He wanted to be Joe Willie too.

    • Yes he did! Good memory there. I want to watch that series again.
      Joe was the rock star of sports…even with pantyhose. Still can’t believe he played for Bear Bryant…odd pairing.

    • Maybe the Joe/ Kenny—Bear thing was like Vince Lombardi and Paul Horning. Horning was a playboy you’d think the last kind of player Lombardi would want on his team- but he was clearly Lombardi’s favorite.

    • They all have likable personalities that even Bear and Vince would have to admire…plus the talent was there with all three.

    • They said Vince liked Paul because deep in he would have liked to have been like that also-but of course the way he was -that wasn’t ever a possibility.

    • That makes a lot of sense…who wouldn’t want to be?
      Off topic… I saw Yesterday late last night. I really liked it. The Lennon appearance really hit me. They didn’t over play it or make a joke out of it which was great. Coke also? lol.
      The Oasis reference was great…I thought it was a nice homage to The Beatles. I’m not super critical of movies…this was a fun movie. I think more could have been explored but I liked it.

    • It was a movie- it wasn’t meant to be Citizen Kane… It was enjoyable.. and the scene with John had tears rolling down my checks.

    • Me also with the John. What could have been…they handled it really well. They were going to have all four Beatles in there in an earlier draft…that would have been overkill.

      It was a very fun movie…I thought the lead actor was really good showing guilt by singing those songs. I liked the two Beatle fans that were so happy that they found someone else that remembered.

    • They played it right! Yes that was a good touch too with the two fans.. at first I was wondering what was up with those two– and when they handed him the paper I figured there is an address on it– my first thought was a guest cameo by Paul or Ringo but as he was driving it hit me- John.

    • They were generally so thrilled… it was great to see. I wasn’t sure about the note. when I saw John it knocked me out.

      I thought Jack was going to wake up at the end and be in the hospital after getting hit by the bus….the coke, cigarettes and Harry Potter were nice touches…oh and Oasis!

    • Yes…just a few problems…UTI but that is normal after all of that but I’m not complaining. I’m getting my strength back.

  1. I’m sure you guys have seen “CC & Company” with Joe Willie haven’t you? Great movie. I’m glad El Salvador and Honduras quit after 100 days. Probably the shortest war ever and the only one fought over a sporting event? Didn’t know about that letter for the moon landers. Didn’t the Ziffels own Arnold? Arnold was my favorite character on that show!

    • Yes saw CC and Company when I was younger.. Yes Arnold loved to watch his TV! … i guess they had to be ready if the worst happened- on the moon landing. I also think-there will be a player in the NFL who dies on the field due to injury- and I bet the commissioner already has a statement ready- in his desk with just the blanks to fill in.

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