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The Sounds Of Summer- Day 26 OF 95- “Magic”- The Cars. “Magic” was the second single released from The Cars Heartbreak City album in 1984. Heartbreak City would peak at #3 and there would be 5 Top 40 singles from the album. “Magic” peaked at #12. It was written by The Cars Ric Ocasek who also sang lead vocals. “Summer, it turns me upside down.” The single was released in May 1984 and was a hit in the summer of 1984- a lot of good music on the radio that summer as I recall. The video for “Magic” is set around a swimming pool and a pool party attended by many weirdos.


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    • I agree- I don’t know what happened to them after that- that was a big album- loads of hits then they fell off the face of the earth.

    • I think they had another album or two under The Cars name but neither got much traction. I never saw them in concert but a friend of mine who did said they were like robots up there.

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