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Hans Remembers- News Headlines from Mid-Week Tuesday July 8- Thursday July 10, 1969.

Tuesday July 8, 1969

  • The first of 25,000 American troops to be withdrawn from the Vietnam War arrive at McCord Air Force Base in Washington state.

Wednesday July 9, 1969-

  • The Tricky One- goes to his 4th Washington Senators baseball game of the season and they finally win when he was in attendance beating the Cleveland Indians 3-0. Milhous Nixon is without question the most avid sports fan to ever occupy The White House. He would have made a good Commissioner of Baseball.
  • Better late than never- or Why would anyone even want to see these bums in the first place–Vanilla Fudge arrived four hours late for their concert at Bloosom Amphitheater outside of Akron, Ohio- they didn’t follow their GPS system obviously- they went 200 miles away to North Hampton, Ohio instead of Northampton Township. They finally arrived and began playing at 12:30am.

Thursday July 10, 1969.

  • The first parade for Vietnam Vets took place the 9th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army marching through Seattle to cheers and booing of demonstrators from Seattle’s anti-war movement. Sad. They were booing the wrong people.


  1. It is very unfortunate you have such biased opinions when reporting the news, even from 50 years ago. The Vanilla Fudge were very talented (as were the Four Seasons from a different post today!).
    Vietnam vets who willingly went to war on foreign soil deserved to be booed. They were not defending the freedom of the people, but rather the freedom of the capitalists who lived on the avails of the poor and downtrodden.

    • Ah, I did not say you could not have your opinions, but you saying you are reporting the news. Reporters are generally required to keep their opinions out of their reporting. That is all I am saying.

    • This isn’t the news though- this is a blog. It was 50 years ago. If I were reporting news- or writing a book for example I would take a different approach.

    • “…willingly went to war on foreign soil…” Have you ever heard of the DRAFT? You know, CONSCRIPTION… Those same “poor & downtrodden” are usually what make up the military so they can feed their families. And, they GO where they are told to go…whether they like it or not. I live with a VN vet and he sure as hell didn’t WANT to go to war. But, he had to or be court-martialed for dereliction of duty. You want to boo someone that sent those men to their deaths in VN, go to Washington. They certainly didn’t go willingly and they certainly weren’t there to “defend the freedom of capitalists.” What an awful thing to say…

      Hans isn’t a reporter. He’s a blogger. You really shouldn’t confuse the two. And, there’s not a reporter on this planet that is “fair & balanced”, anymore.

    • The word “willingly” was meant to distinguish between draftees ot conscriptees, and those who wanted to go and fight. There were a lot of such people, as well as those who were forced to go. I used to work with draftdodgers that came up to Winnipeg, and later those who came up to Vancouver. If I had been American, I would have been a draftdodger too.
      Please read what I am saying, not what you think lies between the lines. Willingly means of their own free will.

    • I read every word. “…wanted to go and fight.” Do you mean the teenagers that are brainwashed in boot camp? Do you mean the non-coms that are tasked with keeping said teenagers alive in combat that neither of them asked for? I was married to the Corps for 12 years. I know why they call them ‘Jarheads’. Do you mean the officers that rarely fight on the front lines but, direct from the back? Do you mean the uniformed politicians in Washington that direct troop movements from their air conditioned offices? Do you mean “they can’t go to the latrine without my orders” LBJ? Free will can be bent by hunger and fear and propaganda. We had no business in VN. We have no business in a lot of places that our military is sent to. That is hardly the fault of the men forced to deal with what others control. And, NO man enjoys war, unless he is a madman…or a serial killer. It’s bloody and it’s awful. We have a nation FULL of veterans that suffer PTSD and commit suicide, daily. And, don’t confuse mercs with your average soldier/marine. My VN veteran was a Seabee. He was yelled at and flipped off…and he was a BUILDER not a warrior. He did what he was told. EVERYONE has a boss.

      The fact that you AREN’T an American speaks volumes. And, you get pissy with Hans over HIS supposed “bias”. You just lost ALL credibility.

      Hans. I’m sorry. I’m SO DONE, here.

  2. That’s funny about the band going to the wrong place but still playing. I wonder how many were still waiting to hear them? About our soldiers and the parade. For a person who hates war — except in EXTREME circumstances like those in WWII — I would never think of booing military troops. I’m with you, Hans, the warmongers who profit from the death machine are the ones to boo. I’ve had too many family members in the military and too many other acquaintances come back from war all messed up and to be booed further traumatizes them.

    • Yep- the people in high places are the ones to blame not the young people going off to fight the rich man’s war.

  3. Vanilla Fudge reminds me of Vanilla Ice. What does that mean? I don’t know. Just sayin’. 🙂 It IS funny that they got lost, tho, lol……

    As for Nixon–THAT reminds me of how Hitler was supposed to have been artistic but never made it as an artist so he became what he became instead. Maybe Tricky D. would have been a lot less damaging if he HAD been the Commissioner of Baseball instead.

    Lastly…..yeah, no. Booing the troops was fruitless and misdirected. And I do believe most boys–because that’s what they were, basically children–who were dragged into that horrible war did not want to be there, did not fully understand why they were there and would rather have been anywhere else. There are gung-ho types in every country who love to fire weapons and kill and control and enjoy that *power*, but I think their numbers are very small compared to the majority who would rather NOT be killing people somewhere far away from home, everything they know, and all their loved ones.

    • My thinking exactly- he couldn’t have done much damage as baseball commissioner- and he would have gotten to see a lot of ballgames.. win -win. ..

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