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I am not one to talk- I get obsessed with different things- I set goals -for example listening this year a goal in my music listening to 365 albums from 1969- but to me that seems manageable. I know a few people and have read about folks on different blogs with the goal of reading 100 books a year or whatever number they have. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear that is- wouldn’t that influence the type of books you read? I tend to read big books- as far as how many pages you do. Recently I chose Stephen Ambrose’s book on Lewis and Clark- Undaunted Courage as the book for the month in the non-fiction book club I run. There were seven at the book club- the only one who finished the book was me. The book is around 500 pages. I learned my lesson back to books 300 pages and shorter. Back to this goal of 100 books a year- wouldn’t having that goal influence you not to tackle a big book? Pick an 800 pager and that is going to slow you down on that goal?  Anyone have that goal? How do you go about your reading? Below is an article on that topic from Atlantic.


  1. I’ve a goal of 30 in goodreads for the year and am at 10 now. Since I’m plugging away at “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which is pretty long, it’s setting me behind. That said I’ve read a couple of shorter ones in the meantime. For me a goal is there for motivation, not to sacrifice everything else to meet it. I read books when I want to, without regard to length.

  2. Yes it definitely can if you let it. My goodreads challenge was 100 for the past few years and I failed each time, perhaps because I disregarded length. The first two of 2018 were the count of monte cristo and great expectations — there’s about 2,000 pages to start the year! This year I’m 60 books which seems manageable regardless of length. I think more generally a long book is a serious investment of your time and by digging in you’re saying ‘no’ to two or three other titles that may be equally rewarding. hmmm

  3. I have to be reading something I’m really into…I’m always in a book…real or audio. I tried to make myself read a fiction book recently…I failed… I average probably around 30-50 books a year.

    • Yes its not like listening to music-i put on an album and I know how much time will be invested due to the length of the album. A book is a bigger investment- like you I have to be interested in what I am reading about. I would estimate in my life I’ve probably read 1 % fiction 99% non-fiction. … as I get older it seems like I read slower.

    • I know if it’s not working by midway usually and sometimes I push through but lately no…I just chalk it up to time not wisely spent and I’m more careful on the next book.
      One non-fiction I haven’t been able to get through was the Jann Wenner book. I tried…really did.

      I’m catching up with posts today and hopefully posting tomorrow and starting up again.

    • Looking forward to your starting up on posting again. Miss your posts. … The book that taught me a lesson was around 30 years ago- up to that point if I started a book I had to finish it- then I read the Andy Warhol Diaries- it was misery- but I finished it–after that I questioned myself- why… so after that if a books not working for me- I move on.

    • Thanks Hans… I’ve missed reading all the posts…Life is too short… my mindset was to finish also. I have a collectors mentality to my wife’s dismay… trying to get out of it more.

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