American Top 40 replay this week on the 70’s on 7 is from the week ending June 24, 1978. A pretty good week.

1 1 SHADOW DANCING –•– Andy Gibb (RSO) -11 (2 weeks at #1) (1) B
2 3 BAKER STREET –•– Gerry Rafferty (United Artists) -10 (2) A+
3 4 IT’S A HEARTACHE –•– Bonnie Tyler (RCA) -14 (3) B
4 2 YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT –•– John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (RSO) -13 (1) B
5 6 TAKE A CHANCE ON ME –•– Abba (Atlantic) -10 (5) A+
6 9 YOU BELONG TO ME –•– Carly Simon (Elektra) -11 (6) B
7 12 USE TA BE MY GIRL –•– The O’Jays (Philadelphia International) -9 (7) A-
8 10 LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN –•– Sweet (Capitol) -19 (8) B
9 16 STILL THE SAME –•– Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (Capitol) -7 (9) B
10 11 DANCE WITH ME –•– Peter Brown with Betty Wright (Drive) -17 (10) C-

11 13 THE GROOVE LINE –•– Heatwave (Epic) -8 (11) B
12 14 TWO OUT OF THREE AIN’T BAD –•– Meat Loaf (Epic / Cleveland International) -15 (12) B
13 15 BECAUSE THE NIGHT –•– The Patti Smith Group (Arista) -12 (13) A
14 5 TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE –•– Johnny Mathis / Deniece Williams (Columbia) -13 (1) B
15 7 FEELS SO GOOD –•– Chuck Mangione (A&M) -20 (4) A+
16 18 EVERY KINDA PEOPLE –•– Robert Palmer (Island) -14 (16) A+
17 20 BLUER THAN BLUE –•– Michael Johnson (EMI-America) -10 (17) A
18 21 YOU’RE THE LOVE –•– Seals and Crofts (Warner Brothers) -11 (18) C
19 22 EVEN NOW –•– Barry Manilow (Arista) -8 (19) C
20 23 LAST DANCE –•– Donna Summer (Casablanca) -7 (20) A-

21 8 ON BROADWAY –•– George Benson (Warner Brothers) -16 (7) A
22 28 I WAS ONLY JOKING –•– Rod Stewart (Warner Brothers) -9 (22) B
23 29 FOLLOW YOU, FOLLOW ME –•– Genesis (Atlantic) -10 (23) B
24 25 OH WHAT A NIGHT FOR DANCING –•– Barry White (20th Century) -9 (24) B
25 31 MISS YOU –•– Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones) -5 (25) A+
26 17 WITH A LITTLE LUCK –•– Wings (Capitol) -14 (1) A
27 33 WONDERFUL TONIGHT –•– Eric Clapton (RSO) -7 (27) B
28 30 ALMOST SUMMER –•– Celebration Featuring Mike Love (MCA) -9 (28) D
29 34 I CAN’T STAND THE RAIN –•– Eruption (Ariola America) -16 (29) C
30 37 ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG –•– Billy Joel (Columbia) -7 (30) A-

31 39 GREASE –•– Frankie Valli (RSO) -5 (31) B
32 19 DEACON BLUES –•– Steely Dan (ABC) -13 (19) B
33 24 HEARTLESS –•– Heart (Mushroom) -12 (24) B+
34 42 THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY –•– Love and Kisses (Casablanca) -8 (34) C
35 49 RUNAWAY –•– Jefferson Starship (Grunt) -5 (35) C
36 44 IT’S THE SAME OLD SONG –•– K.C. and the Sunshine Band (T.K.) -7 (36) D
37 45 STONE BLUE –•– Foghat (Bearsville) -6 (37) B
38 41 DANCE ACROSS THE FLOOR –•– Jimmy “Bo” Horne (Sunshine Sound) -13 (38) D
39 40 WARM RIDE –•– Rare Earth (Prodigal) -9 (39) C
40 48 IF EVER I SEE YOU AGAIN –•– Roberta Flack (Atlantic) -6 (40) B


27 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 REPLAY – JUNE 24, 1978

    • Those were good days- I agree there was always some songs you may not have liked but there were always good stuff to go along with it and some in between.

  1. The list looks pretty blah. I’m surprised Lionel Richie’s 3 times a lady is not on this list. I say that because this is the summer I picked blueberries, and we listened to so many of these songs over and over again. Meat Loaf, Jefferson Starship, and Lionel Richie dominated the airwaves. Maybe it will hit next month?

    • Three Times A Lady was #1 for two weeks in August.. probably about to enter the Top 40… speaking of picking berries- last week I woke up at 1am. ended up getting up but at 1 i was still hoping to get back to sleep. Mrs. Postcard is talking in her sleep- says “What time” “What Time”- I said “What time for what?”- and she said “What time are we going berry picking.”- I said “noon” and she said “OK”– she remembered none of it in the morning- we’ve never went berry picking… she used to go berry picking with her grandfather years ago though.

    • Aha. Now that is a cool coincidence about berry picking. I wish I could dream of being with my grandma again. I dropped out of school halfway thru 10th grade due to ongoing racial harassment (I was one of the few whites in an all-black school) but moved out to the country where my mom, stepdad, and sibs were living and started night school. I graduated from night school in June 78. At the time I was pretty much a wild child deadbeat — until my summer of blueberry picking, as I look back on it. I understood what hard labor to get paid pennies was and decided that was enough. I moved back to the city and within a year was enrolled in college.

    • Who would have guessed a summer of berrypicking would change a persons outlook on things- and change a life! Wouldn’t it be great if a person could go back and spend even a day in the past- on a day of their choice…

  2. Yes, such incredible variety. Radio was so good back then, before everyone retreated into their own limited genres. “Baker Street” is a masterpiece, and one of my all-time favorite songs. Also really love “You Belong to Me”, which is my favorite Carly Simon song, and Patti Smith’s “Because the Night”.

    • Baker Street is a song that even 41 years later I can listen to over and over- it still gets my attention. Hasn’t wore out it’s welcome and I am guessing it never will.

    • This morning when they got to Baker Street on the countdown- my wife was outside cleaning windows- had a window up and said when Baker Street started- “Turn up the volume”

    • Eclectic, I watched Patti Smith sing, “Because the Night” on the Bruce Spring tribute night DVD last night. Her intro to the song as she talked about Bruce giving it to her was very touching. She did a great performance also!

  3. Hello Hans! I’m kinda back to the world of the living. I had to go back to the ER but after 6 days of nausea, they have it under control. I have a few more stones but nothing big. Monday the stent comes out and I should be slowing working myself back.

    • Good to hear from you and also glad to hear you are feeling better. We were concerned about you! Don’t over do it and all that kind of stuff. Welcome back!

    • Taking it easy sounds like a good plan!… I got a new Beatles book and am reading it- one I heard about an ordered- it came out a few years back it’s called The Beatles And The Historians- by Erin Torkelson Weber- it is an analysis of Beatles history- how certain writers have presented the group- what is reliable and what isn’t. How certain stories which in the end may not even be factual came in to being– like for example the one about John being born in the middle of German air raid was told my Mimi- and just taken for fact until someone did some checking up on it. Good read.

    • I just looked the book up…now this looks fascinating. That is a different angle. I remember “Shout” and a few others that came out when John died. “The Love You Make” by Peter Brown also…I never knew whether to believe them or not.

    • She writes on how bias some of the works were- I just finished a section on Yoko and Linda- especially with Yoko- John and Yoko themselves twisted elements of the truth in telling the story. It is a rather small book maybe 225 pages or so but interesting…

    • I will grab a copy it sounds interesting. That doesn’t surprise me about John and Yoko.
      Linda…I will admit…I don’t know as much about. It wasn’t like she was a big self-promoter.
      I did favor Linda more because she didn’t try to “talk” for Paul like Yoko did for John. If she did I didn’t see it as much.

    • What the author is wanting- is an even handed approach to the writing of The Beatles [and all history} I think in Vol 1 we have that in Mark’s work I think when it gets more into the story he will continue the story in that same way. The book also talks about how A Hard Day’s Night was so influential in shaping the worlds view of The Beatles and how it was hard if not impossible to break images that were set in place by that movie.

    • I totally agree with the Hard Days Night movie. That set their characters in stone…
      Does she talk about Mark’s book?

    • She does in the end- the book is divided into 4 different sections- the first second deals with how the story was told 1962-66 by The Beatles, Brian etc- the myth making era – i just finished that– the second part is after the break-up- starting with Lennon Remembers-just about to start that- the section on more recent study is at the end and that is where Mark comes in.

    • Hans, have you ever read Revolution in the Head? I have it on deck for a book also. Also Kenneth Womack is coming out with another book called Solid State about Abbeyroad and the end in October.
      It looks like Womack is giving us Beatle fixes until Mark returns.

    • yes I really like Revolution In The Head.. some are critical of it because he had opinions on the music- I like the fact he had opinions even if I disagree with them… I also recently got- and its on deck Womack’s -“The Long And Winding Roads” which looks good. I saw that about the new Womack book. Look forward to it..

    • I don’t mind opinion as long as it’s stated as that….I welcome it.
      I’ve never read The Long and Winding Roads… I’ll have to check that one out.

      I am grabbing Revolution in the Head for audio…I also plan to reread the Sheffield book. Too many books and not enough time.

    • You are correct too many books. I think – The Long and Winding Roads is fairly new also–well maybe not 2007. I have never seen it in a bookstore- i ordered it also…In- Revolution In The Head he goes into detail on songs-and supports his opinion. Again, I don’t agree with everything he says – I don’t think he thought much of ‘Here Comes The Sun- for example.

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