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Summer begins at 11:54 AM EST today. I must admit I am not a big fan of summer especially summer weather. I don’t like hot and humid weather and being fair skinned I try to avoid the sun. I am more of a fall-winter-spring person. The summer here in Ohio is starting out as I wish the entire summer would be- high of 73, sunny and not humid- again not a fan of the sunny part but as long as it doesn’t get more than around 70 degrees I am good .  There are a lot of great summer songs out there more than enough to fill the 95 days until Autumn.  When I think of summer songs I think first of The Beach Boys- I have to start the summer with a Beach Boys song. “California Girls” was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love and appeared on The Beach Boys Summer Days [And Summer Nights!!} album in 1965. The lead vocalist on “California Girls” is Mike Love. The single was released in the middle of July 1965 and peaked at #3 on the Billboard singles chart. In 2011 Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it at #72 on their 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lists it as one of their 500 Songs That Shaped Rock And Roll.


    • Enjoy the summer! Hope you get the weather up there that you are wanting! It is beautiful here today too- was raining a bit this morning but that is all gone now- enough rain!!

    • we can do without all this rain- i have been cutting grass every 6-7 days- like last summer- in the past june- july -august a couple times a month but with this rain it grows like mad!

    • I am not a beach person- how close are you to the ocean? If I lived right by it I wouldn’t be spending time on it- I burn easily.

    • Central NC. Three hours from the beach. Three hours from the mountains.

      Yeah. I can’t tan, despite having NA blood in my line and really dark hair (that refuses to gray and I’m nearly 53). All I do is burn and peel.

      Is your area flooding?

    • There are a few areas flooding and they are afraid if a lot more rain comes there will be more.. luckily where we live it would take a flood of biblical proportions to get us– but we do get water in the basement if we get too much rain in a short period of time- … i never tan either its burn baby burn. even staying out of the sun as much as i can-still had skin cancer last year but luckily it was the highly curable type. so i watch it as far as sun goes…

    • Wow. That must have been scary. I had a classmate (DL Examiner) that had to have a chunk cut out of his back, just above his left shoulder blade. I worked with two state troopers in the 90s that had a battle for their very lives with melanoma. Both were the red-headed, freckled types. One had a huge chunk taken out of the center of his back & nearly died. The other (Marine veteran), his melanoma got into his blood stream & he wound up @ Duke hospital in an experimental T-cell therapy program. They both survived but, by the skin of their teeth. The first trooper was a jokester…great sense of humor. After his ordeal, he said “If you ever drive by my house and see me ‘laying out in the sun’, stop & come get me. I don’t ‘sun bathe’. Somebody’s done shot my ass…’cause that is the ONLY way I would be laying in my own yard.” 😆

  1. One of my blogging friends schedules her 3:00 AM posts every day, but I have no idea how. Filosofa’s Word, if you need help. She’s from Ohio too.
    The Turtles exude summer for me, and Fever Tree’s “San Francisco Girl” reminds me of summer; I first heard it an an outdoor concert in Vancouver, BC and it blew me away live. I don’t think I wss tripping, but it made me feel like I was.

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