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The Beatles Cover of the Day is “Ticket to Ride” by The Carpenters. “Ticket To Ride” was a #1 hit for The Beatles in 1965.  It was remade by The Carpenters in 1970- it was their first single- and it failed to make the Top 40 peaking at #54. Their second single was  “Close To You” their first #1. The Carpenters take this rock and roll classic and turn it into a campy easy listening song. The Carpenters first album was titled Ticket To Ride. This version is radically different than the original- do you like it? . The Carpenters manager once said the following concerning an encounter Karen had with John Lennon- ‘As I and Karen left a restaurant in California, John Lennon was walking in and said to Karen, ‘I just wanted to say that I love your voice, Love!’ Karen asked me later, ‘Did he really mean that?’ I answered, ‘Of course he did, he’s John Lennon!'”


  1. I know some people who love this version. I keep expecting it to kick in but it never does of course. Love that part about John and Karen… it kinda shows she never knew how good she was…

  2. The intro sounded like something by Bach. It crawls for 1:30 then toddles a bit. It takes adjustment to listen to it, and as long as you don’t think of the original it isn’t bad. Is it good? Um… will have to ponder it a bit…

    • I think that is the key- if you are thinking of the original…well you won’t like this. I found it interesting that they also chose Ticket To Ride as the name of the album or someone did.

  3. Karen Carpenter’s voice gives me a rash. I can’t think of a singer I like less. So no surprises when I say that this is officially the worst Beatles cover ever committed to vinyl — perhaps even the worst cover of all time. As for Lennon’s comment I’ll assume he was being sarcastic. Now immediately have to find something else to wash this out of my ears, thanks Hans lol

  4. As I noted in a recent post, I loved the Carpenters music (with the exception of their sappy cover of the Marvalettes’ “Please Mr. Postman”). While their version of “Ticket to Ride” is nowhere near as good as the Beatles’, I do like it.

  5. It’s nice background music, very unobtrusive. Karen Carpenter’s situation got me fascinated by anorexia and I wrote a novel about in while I was in high school. Not about her, just another girl with anorexia. So sad…

    • She brought at lot of attention to anorexia. It wasn’t something that was discussed much in public before here- at least it seemed that way to me.

  6. Yeah, that was right before it came into public knowledge. She was a big help getting the recognition started.

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