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The Beatles Cover of the Day-“Hey Jude”- Bing Crosby. Der Bingle was 66 when he released Hey Jude/ Hey Bing- with his cover of “Hey Jude” in 1969. He died at the age of 74 in 1977. Paul McCartney will turn 77 on Tuesday. It is hard to wrap my mind around that. Coming of age in the 70’s of course I knew who Bing was and that he had at one time been a big hit maker- my exposure to him was “White Christmas” and seeing him on television but he was from a different generation- my grandparents generation. Bing was even older than any of my grandparents. He seemed ancient to me. For some reason he didn’t translate well into modern times. It is a shame that when his name comes up today the first thing that comes to people’s minds are his supposed parental skills. Maybe it is because he was a star to a generation that is pretty much like him- gone- but it seems like Frank Sinatra who died over 20 years ago is still here- and Bing seems like a museum piece. Bing from most accounts was an unknowable and difficult man at times. Even Bob Hope who he made all those movies with once said that “Bing was a real son of a bitch.” I can’t say as a teenager or even a young adult I appreciated him but as I grew older and listened to his music- the man sure could sing a song. Here is he is covering “Hey Jude” I remember in high school my friend Dan who was always buying used albums at yard sales had the Hey Jude- Hey Bing album. We got a kick out of this old guy singing “Hey Jude” but it wasn’t half bad. Certainly not The Beatles original but Bing even in his 60’s could sing a song. John Lennon was a fan, so was Charlie Manson and so am I.


    • At least Bing didn’t marry and have children with Joan Crawford… yes the man could sing a song… there are I believe 4 people who have had a #1 song and also won an acting Oscar- Bing- Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Cher. some trivia

  1. Never heard this and never dreamed it existed. It’s actually pretty good. The memory of him dying stuck with me because I remember Cronkite announcing it for some reason..

    • I can remember the day Bing died clearly- which is odd- I remember where I was -what the weather was like etc….. here is an off topic one- who did Pat Buttram say he modeled Mr. Haney from Green Acres on?

    • Buttram said he based his Haney character on— Col, Tom Parker.. when I read that I had to laugh out loud..

    • We have been watching Green Acres lately I was reading up on Buttram this morning- and came across that.. I thought Haney and Kimball make the show.. Haney had a price tag on everything!

    • Everything!
      Kimball was one of a kind…just so funny. His routine never got old. The lack of short term memory was never funnier. The writers were great on the show. The dialog came so fast.

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  3. I never liked Bing Crosby. I think he was a mediocre singer and mediocre actor. He sucked every ounce of life and soul out of songs, and this horrific, insipid rendition of ‘Hey Jude’ is a glaring example. Ugh!!!!

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