Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart – 1969- Part 27. All three singles entered the Hot 100 on February 15, 1969. “Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon” -Paul Revere and The Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay, “Don’t Know Why I Love You”- Stevie Wonder and “Lovin’ Things”- The Grass Roots.

79. ” Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon”- Paul Revere & The Raiders featuring Mark Lindsey.Columbia. Pop, Rock. Written by Mark Lindsey. B-side “Without You.” From 1961-73 Paul Revere & The Raiders who formed in the mecca of rock and roll- Caldwell, Idaho- had 24 singles that made the Hot 100- 15 made the Top 40 including a #1 in 1971- “Indian Reservation.” My favorite song of theirs is “Kicks” #4 in 1966. They were a lot more successful than I realized. “Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon”- peaked at #18 and spent 12 weeks in the Hot 100. Grade: B


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80. “Don’t Know Why I Love You”- Stevie Wonder. Tamla. Soul. Written by Stevie Wonder, Paul Riser, Don Hunter and Lula Hardaway [Stevie’s mother} B side “My Cherie Amour.” This happened a number of times- the b-side caught on and was the bigger hit. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” was the a-side of this single- it entered the chart first and then in May-the flip side “My Cherie Amour” entered the charts after “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” had fallen off the charts and became the bigger hit. “I Don’t Know Why I Love You’- also called “I Don’t Know Why”- did make th Top 40- #39 and spent 7 weeks in the Hot 100. Backing Stevie on the song- the always present Funk Brothers. Note- on some pressings the song is listed as I Don’t Know Why”- on others “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” I am going with the one . The Rolling Stones covered this song- it was recorded on July 3, 1969 the evening that Brian Jones death broke.    To go over the accomplishments of Stevland Hardaway Morris would take a while but if you are reading this I am sure you know something about this fella. Stevie over the years was Mr. Grammy -winning 25 of them. During a stretch in the mid 1970’s Paul Simon on winning Album of the year- thanked Stevie for not making an album that year- since Stevie had won the previous two years. 66 Hot 100 singles with 47 Top 40 and 10 #1’s including his first #1 “Fingertips” in 1962 at the age of 12. Grade: A-.


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81. “Lovin’ Things”- The Grass Roots. Dunhill. Rock. Written by Artie Schroeck and Jet Loring. B-side- “You & Love Are The Same.” The hit single that everyone remembers from The Grass Roots is “Midnight Confessions” # 5 in 1968- but the group formed in San Francisco  had 21 singles reach the Hot 100 in their career with 14 reaching the Top 40. “Lovin’ Things” fell a little short of the Top 40 peaking at #49 spending 7 weeks in the Hot 100. Today when I hear The Grass Roots the first thing that comes to my mind is- Creed Bratton from the American version of the television hit “The Office” was a member of the group- he is the one in the above picture in the back left. Grade: B-


  1. This is one of my least liked songs by Stevie, and there aren’t many of them. I’ll wait for the flip side to hit the charts: Ma Cherie Amoure was one of my favourites at the time, but he had so many great songs to come it could only go down the list.
    Paul Revere and the Raiders were a solid band, but Mr. Sun Mr. Moon was a solid fail, in my mind. But since you mentioned Kicks, I get to mention my favourite Raiders’ song, one that was never released as a single but still managed to hit #1 on the Winnipeg Top 50, I think it was then. YouTube has it as “A Kiss To Remember You By” but my memory tells me in Canada it was properly labeled as “Last Kiss to Remember You By” which is how it is sung in the song. My then girlfriend, living in Emo, Ontario, and I would both request it on a radio station each night, it was our song. Suddenly it caught on, and everyone was requesting it. It was the end of summer, and I guess lots of summer romances had been forced to end in separation, as had ours. It wasn’t a long song, barely over 2 minutes, but it said so much. It still brings a tear to my eye. (We never saw each other again. The distance could not be overcome at that young age.)
    The Grass Roots’ Lovin Things was a nice song, but their Live for Today was a youth anthem when it came out, far superior to Midnight Confessions…

  2. Hans, I remember this song by PRand the Raiders. I think I mentioned remembering a TV show the he did. Now that I see the band members in the video, his co-host was the keyboardist. I like the song. Never heard the Stevie Wonder one before but his voice can make any song sound good. The GR one is new also and not so crazy about it.

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