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I never drank coffee until I met my wife who is a champion coffee drinker. I am not in her league as far as coffee goes but I will drink 3 cups a day a little more on occasion. The report out today is you can drink up to 25 cups a day with out it effecting your heart. I can’t imagine how wired up a person on 25 cups a day would be.

Article below.


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  1. That’s so funny, Hans. I heard the librarians talking about this yesterday when I went in. One of them has a mega-cup and the other was harassing her for it, but now she has the ammo of this article to defend her coffee-drinking habits. I myself drink a pot a day (8 cups, where each cup is 6 oz, so 48 oz) when I’m home. If I do breakfast out, or take a road trip, it’s a lot more.

    • I love coffee.. probably acquired the habit later than most. My parents drank coffee I just never tried it- 8 cups is about what i bet my wife has every day. we have a ‘whoever gets up first makes the coffee’ pact- more often than not i am up first.

    • My family has always had the coffee pot on, so I picked it up early. It used to be the percolator on the stove, then they made those huge cannister-like ones that plug into the wall, then the current incarnation. You know the modern ones have timers on them where you can set it to have hot coffee waiting for whomever gets up first 😉 I never use my timer either….

    • We recently got one of those Kurick [spelled wrong} machines at the library- no one seems to know where it came from or who is stocking it with the coffee- but every day when I get to work I have to make myself a cup… I am sure at home ours has a timer- but heck with that- that takes some of the fun out of the coffee experience.

    • Yah, the Kurick seems to be the next incarnation of the coffee maker. Remember those shots Doc McCoy gave on Star Trek? The next generation of coffee intake will be star trek shots of caffeine. You’re right, the ritual of the preparation of coffee in the a.m. is not to be missed. I also have a nightly ritual of tea also. Younger son bought me a nice cast iron tea pot — holds maybe 12 oz — so I boil water in regular whistler then steep loose leaf in single use tea-bags in the pot and keep adding more water as I drink the tea (herbal, caffeine free), so I get my money’s worth out of that tea! Weird about the Kurick’s unknown origin…

  2. I just told my wife and she is cheering this article. I’ve never got into coffee…I tried but I was having coffee with my sugar so it just didn’t’ work.

    • The first few times I drank it I didn’t care for it but after about a half dozen times it kicked in. Your wife must be a big coffee drinker! Both my wife and I like our coffee black with nothing in it. Old School! lol.

    • Sounds like my wife too. Now there are days when I might not drink any- I do not remember my wife ever not having a few cups in the morning- never. Then she goes to work and drinks more..

  3. As an ex addictions counsellor, I would have to say caffeine is the second-most addictive substance to nicotine, and the number 1 used chemical. Some people say it’s sugar, but I’ve seen no evidence sugar is actually physically addictive. Most users can go without it.
    I myself have never used coffee as my delivery system. Colas and non-herbal teas are bad enough. I kicked nicotine 35 years ago.
    By saying coffee is heart-healthy at those levels, it is like giving a heroin addict the go-ahead to be stoned 24/7. It may not harm your heart, but you can bet it is doing other things to your health.
    Be leary.
    Be very leary..

  4. I was confused when this study came out, because I thought this had already been established. I started drinking coffee in college, when I needed to stay awake and get homework done. I drink it with no cream or sugar. A couple years ago, I switched from drip coffee maker to cold brew. The cold brew is easy to make and has a really nice flavor. I doubt I’ll ever go back to hot water brewed coffee.

  5. I drink mine black with flavored Stevia drops…Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Peppermint… I can’t drink it straight black. I need a bit of sweet to take the bitter edge off. I couldn’t drink 25 cups tho… I would be vibrating so much, I would resemble a palsy victim.

    Law Enforcement is notorious for drinking copious amounts. I kept a pot on in my office all day because, invariably, one of my officers or Inspectors or one of the troopers across the hall would want some. My senior Inspector is where I learned to add grounds. When the pot was empty, open up the well and add more coffee. No need to put in a fresh filter. Just keep adding. Of course, he also liked chicory in his.

    My SO is a retired cop. He’ll drink it all day and likes it totally black. Plus, as a Navy man, DON’T wash his coffee cup. He will have a FIT.

    Keurigs…I wouldn’t have one. They are hard to clean and all those plastic cups in the landfill…

    In fact, I think I will have some coffee, now…

    • 25 cups a day would have to mess with you someway or another. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt your heart but I think you’d be pretty wire up! We don’t have a Keurig either- the library does- I am not so crazy about it that I’d buy one- I am old school.!!

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