Hans Remembers- News Headlines from Friday June 6, 1969. There were other stories in the news other than Joe Namath’s retirement from football.

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  • Rod Stewart is signed by Mercury Record label. Stewart would record five albums for Mercury from 1969 until 1974 including the classic “Every Picture Tells A Story” which contained his signature song ‘Maggie May.”

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  • The United States Court of Appeals got this ruling right- they voided what was called the “Hershey Directive.” General Hershey who was in charge of the selective service system had issued a directive to local draft boards instructing them to reclassify any anti- government protesters who had a deferment upgraded to 1-A permitting them to be immediately inducted into the service. It was in effect a declaration of war against anti-war protesters. The court ruled that Hershey’s directive had no basis in the law and Hershey had no power to make this decision.

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  • On the 25th anniversary of D-Day- British Army General Miles Dempsey who commanded the British Second Army assaulton Gold Beach, Juno Beach during the invasion of Normandy- died at the age of 72.


    • a men!! This reminds me of something a fellow worker said recently in a conversation. He was talking about protesters in Venezuela. He said ” I was telling a friend last night in the United States if you protest- just ask those kids at Kent State what happens.” This fella- not a bad guy by any means-says the craziest things some times and I usually just let what he says rest but I couldn’t this– and then he backed down and agreed to me how wrong it was for those national guardsman to open fire on those defenseless kids… turns out those against the war were right [in my opinion} not to take anything from those who served- but it was another instance of the poor fighting a rich man’s war.

    • Sounds like he was trying to just be funny…in poor taste.

      Don’t even get me started on VN… I did a paper on it in the middle 80s in college. [1] I was shocked at what I didn’t learn in HS, [2] I was shocked at not being able to find much about VN during Nixon’s time (very few books) & [3] shocked at how JFK was driven batty by being stuck between McNamara & Rusk. Nothing about LBJ shocked me. I had learned enough about JFK’s murder to be unsurprised by his VN actions. That ba*****…Hm. 🤬

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