Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 22. All three songs entered the charts on February 8, 1969. “Heaven”- The Rascals, “Johnny One Time”- Brenda Lee and “Honey [I Miss You}”- O.C. Smith. I had heard The Rascals and Brenda Lee songs previously.


64. “Heaven’- The Rascals. Atlantic. Pop.  Written by Felix Cavaliere. B-side ‘Baby I’m Blue” The Rascals string of success on the singles charts were starting to come to an end at this point. From 1965-71 they had 18 singles make the Hot 100 with 13 in the Top 40. They had some big hits- 3 #1’s ” “Good Lovin'” 1966, “Groovin’ 1967 and “People Got To Be Free” 1968. This was their first chart single in 1969 and it “Heaven” barely cracked the Top 40 #39, 6 weeks in the Hot 100. At this time The Rascals were trying to establish themselves as an album band. Unless you are a Rascals fanatic I am sure you couldn’t name a single Rascals album- I couldn’t before listening to one a few weeks ago. They were good at singles and they should have stayed with what made them. This single did crack the Top 40 but it doesn’t sound like a hit single to me, very forgettable..Their last Top 40 hit would come later in the year and like Donovan and many other artists- The Rascals expiration date was the end of the  60’s.  Grade: C.


65. “Johnny One Time”- Brenda Lee. Decca. Country, Pop. Written by Dallas Frazier and Arthur Owens. B-side “I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind.” I didn’t realize how many hits Brenda Lee had in the late 50’s to early 70’s- I knew “I’m Sorry” and I am sure I have heard other songs by her but in looking it up she had a total of 55 Hot 100 hits and 32 make the Top 40. Her two #1’s were both from 1961 “I’m Sorry” and “I Want To Be Wanted.” “Johnny One Time” had been a minor country hit by Willie Nelson in 1968 #36 on the country singles chart. For Brenda Lee it just failed to reach the Top 40- #41 11 weeks on the chart. Her days on the charts were ending-her last Top 40 hit had been in 1967 by 1973 she would be off the pop chart for good. I always think of her as being older than she actually is. She was only 32 years old when she had the last of her Top 40 hits in 1967. Grade: B.


66. “Honey { I Miss You} O.C. Smith. Columbia. Soul. Written by Bobby Russell. B-side- Keep On Keepin’ On.” O.C. Smith had the big hit “Little Green Apples” also written by Bobby Russell in 1968. That song seems to be haunting me the past week or so- different versions keep turning up in my listening- most recently yesterday on the Bobbie Gentry- Glen Campbell duet album. What a piece of trash. Anyway.  O.C, Smith had ten  Top 100 hits with 3 cracking the Top 40- only Little Green Apples is remembered. “Honey [ I Miss You” peaked at #44 spending 6 weeks in the Hot 100. The version of this song that I remember is the #1 Bobby Goldsboro had with it in 1968- another awful song written by Bobby Russell who no doubt laughed all the way to the bank. The O.C. Smith version is better than Bobby Goldsboro’s version but let’s not get carried away in praising it. Goldsobor’s version is a D– Smith’s -Grade : C.


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