• PAUL MCCARTNEY: GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD STREET: 1984: 1 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I take back what I said- a couple weeks ago I believe I said that Paul McCartney’s Wild Life album was the worst of his career- I forgot this one. Woof! The soundtrack or the movie-what is worse? When this came out I did something out of character- I saw how bad the reviews were and didn’t buy it. A few weeks later a friend of mine loaded it to me- I was glad I didn’t spend my money on it. The only highlight the single “No More Lonely Nights.” The rest- do we really need six versions of Paul Beatles songs and bringing Silly Love Songs back?


  • GUY CLARK: BETTER DAYS: 1983: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: After the Steve Earle concert- supporting his album of Guy Clark songs Thursday night I was in the mood for some Guy today. Homegrown Tomatoes, Tears, Better Days, a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s No Deal- and perhaps Guy’s finest song his elegy to his father “The Randall Knife” are highlights. Rodney Crowell producing- and backed with crack musicians including Vince Gill.


  • GUY CLARK: OLD FRIENDS: 1988: 3  STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: A five year gap between albums- and of the ten songs here only two were written by Guy alone- Watermelon Dream and Doctor Good Doctor- along with Old Friends, a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s  “To Live It To Fly” are highlights- kind of a disappointment coming off Better Days and a five years without an album….


  • GUY CLARK: BOATS TO BUILD: 1992: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Like Old Friends only two Clark solo written songs on the album but the rest of the material is top notch- and he has once again assembled a great group of backing musicians. Favorites- Picacco’s Mandolin, Boats To Build, Baton Rouge, I Don’t Love You Much Do I.


  • GUY CLARK: DUBLIN DAYS: 1995: Guy’s best overall album in a decade or so- the title track is one of my favorite Guy tunes, Stuff That Works, Hank Williams Said It Best, Shut Up And Talk To Me, Cape, another recording of The Randall Knife among the highlights- one of his best albums from start to finish- the key being great songs.

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    • I was just reading a thread on Twitter about country music and I thought, “This thread is no good. No one has mentioned Rodney Crowell.”

      Jumped over to WP, read your post, and THERE was Rodney!

      Loved him with Emmy Lou and I know it’s cliche, but I could listen to “Ashes By Now” every day of my life and never get tired of it.

    • Rodney doesn’t fit into the country music scene today- he’s too good. One of my favorite albums of the last 20 years is The Houston Kid… have you seen Heartworn Highways documentary? Watched it this afternoon- a young Rodney is in it. Good stuff especially the performances.

  1. Thank you for a wonderful post, including the Guy Clark albums. We saw Guy Clark several times, solo and traveling with John Hiatt, Joe Ely, and Lyle Lovett. I had no idea of the Rodney Crowell and Steve Earle connections. We have seen Steve Earle several times and, like Guy Clark, love his music.

    • I am jealous- never got to see Guy in concert. I’ve seen Steve twice on his Guy Tour- the album is a good one- covering his favorite Guy songs.

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