Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 12. Today’s entry has three singles that all ended up in the Top 10 including one song that has to be in the conversation for best song/single of 1969.


34. “Proud Mary”- Creedence Clearwater Revival. Fantasy. Rock. Written by John Fogerty. B-side “Born On The Bayou.” In the late 60’s early 70’s Creedence Clearwater Revival was the the best rock and roll band in America and one of the most popular. They placed 20 singles onto the Hot 100 with 17 hitting the Top 40. They have the record of having reached #2 on the singles chart five times without ever having one reach #1. “Proud Mary” is one of CCR’s signature songs-along with “Bad Moon Rising.” My favorite CCR song is Fortunate Son. “Proud Mary” was one of the CCR singles that went to #2 where it stayed for 3 weeks- overall it was in the Hot 100 14 weeks. Certainly one of the best singles of 1969. “Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’, on the river.”  Grade: A +

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35. “Indian Giver”- 1910 Fruitgum Co. Buddah. Pop Bubblegum . Written by Bo Gentry, Bobby Bloom and Ritchie Cordell. B-side “Pow Wow.” The 1910 Fruitgum Co. was a studio band from New Jersey which took advantage of the brief bubblegum music craze of the late 60’s and put 7 singles into the Hot 100, 5 of which went Top 40- and 3 Top 4’s with “Simon Says”  #4 in 1968, “1,2,3, Red Light ” #5 also in 1968 and this one “Indian Giver” which peaked at #5 and spent 13 weeks in the Hot 100. All seven of their hits were in 1968-69 then the bubble burst. Grade: B-.


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36. I’m Livin’ In Shame”- Diana Ross and The Supremes. Motown. Soul. Writers-Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, Edward Holland. B-side “I’m So Glad I Got Somebody {LIke You Around} “I’m Livin’ In Shame” peaked at #10 spending 8 weeks in the Hot 100. The Supremes were one of the biggest hit makers of the 1960’s with 47 Hot 100 singles, 34 Top 10’s and a dozen #1 hits from 1964-69. 1969 would be Diana Ross’s final year as a Supreme- and they were now billed as Diana Ross and The Supremes. Of all the big Motown 1960’s acts they are easily my least favorite- so many of their hits follow the same formula. No doubt it was because Holland-Dozier-Holland great hit singles songwriters wrote 10 of the 12 #1.s. The Supremes are best heart- one song at a time on the radio- to sit and listen to a greatest hits album would drive me bonkers. Grade: B-


  1. 1969, teenyboppers were taking over the airwaves. But poor taste seldom gets rewarded in the end. Proud Mary–everyone was rolling on the river, esp Tina Turner. CCR were good, but few could touch Tina throughout her career. The Supremes were far over-rated. Martha and the Vandellas were twenty times better, and The Marvelettes were at least as good. But Berry Gordy thought with his penis, what can you do!

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