"Walking" by Erling Kagge is out Tuesday.
Erling Kagge a Norwegian who was the first person to complete the “Three Pole’s Challenge”-walking to the North Pole, South Pole and to the summit of Mount Everest has a new book out called “Walking- One Step At A Time”- is interviewed in GQ magazine on the topic of why walking is the key to being more productive. I have picked up the book-look forward to reading it.

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    • When I go to Gettysburg we do a lot of walking- I recall reading years ago someone who was there the first time saying- how small it was…a ranger mentioned walking—and they came back to him and said- that walking the battlefield was a lot more rewarding than just driving around in a car and that you get a lot more out of it from walking- it becomes a lot bigger.

    • You learn more by doing that with quality time. Not only that…just walking itself helps you feel better. I started my walks at lunch around a year and a half ago…of course my view isn’t as good.

    • I walk inside the local mall in bad weather- and all winter- kind of boring but i always have music to listen to… walking as you said sure makes you feel better. I notice the difference when i miss a day.

  1. I read half of the interview at the GQ page. What he says makes sense. Pushing oneself out of the comfort zone is important and switching up the routines once in awhile is also. Walking is low-impact and it is grounding, literally. I bet his book will be outstanding.

    • Great!! A great habit to get into! I am lucky to live less than 5 minutes from a mall- prefer to walk outside but- winters in Ohio can be nasty..

    • So I’ve heard. And, here I thought you were in WV after our discussions.

      Oh, yeah, and, I understand your name ISN’T Steve. LOL! I can’t for the life of me figure out WHY I started calling you Steve. It’s Ron, right?

      NC winters can be harsh at times. When I was living in Texas, I had no winter for nine years.

    • I live near the WV line- about 10 miles from the Ohio River- Yes -Ron. I think a lot of folks think North Carolina being in the south- wouldn’t have bad winters but it isn’t Alabama or Mississippi- you certainly do get your share of winter.

    • We are a very interesting state. Mountains and sea. We get all four seasons. We can get as hot as Texas and as cold as Maine. We just don’t suffer their durations. We get the s*** slapped out of us, routinely, with hurricanes and we do get tornadoes, tho not to the degree of Tornado Alley (also in Texas). We also get earthquakes occasionally. I love my home state but, don’t get me started on the government. I still love Texas and miss it.

      As a kid, we went thru a period of regular ice storms in the 70s. They disappeared in the 80s & 90s. I didn’t see another ice storm until 2012? 2013?

      We got quite a bit of snow in 2018…Jan. 17 & Dec. 9. *whew*

    • I must say we are fairly lucky in Ohio- as far as extreme weather- rain and snow are the big ones- so when we see the extremes- hurricane’s and earthquakes we have to consider ourselves lucky here.

    • I, personally, have not felt an earthquake but, I HAVE lived thru a hurricane. Fran was bad in 1996. Others, just lots of rain. Fran tore up Durham & Raleigh. Hugo tore up our mountains & Charlotte in ’89. Floyd flooded the eastern side pretty badly and we are still recovering from Florence.

      You ARE lucky.

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