Hans Remembers- Headlines from Saturday May 10, 1969- 50 years ago today.

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  • In the war in Vietnam- The Battle of Hamburger Hill- the battle began on May 10 and would go on until May 20th between the U.S. Army and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. It would be a very costly and controversial battle- in the end it would cost 72 American’s their lives, 7 missing in action and more than 400 wounded. What were they fighting for? Hill 937 that had little strategic value. The U.S command ordered it captured by a frontal assault. That was accomplished- and once it was captured- it was abandoned. All those killed and wounded- to take a hill and then leave it. What is the definition of insanity?


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  • It was called Zip To Zap and it turned out to the biggest thing to ever happen in Zap, North Dakota- a town of 339 people. As a joke that student newspaper of North Dakota State University suggested that its students during spring break should go to The Fort Lauderdale of the North- Zap for a celebration. Even the mayor of Zap gave his ok- welcoming the students to ‘good , clean beer-bust, food munching, tear -jerking, rib-ticklin’ fun.  2000 college students showed up and ‘transformed the main street of this small town into a shambles’ over night. The North Dakota National Guard and local law enforcement were called in and put a quick end to things. I wonder if the mayor won re-election after this?

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  • Dutch professional soccer star Dennis Bergkamp turns 50 today. He was a midfielder and then striker during his career with Ajax, Inter Milan and Arsenal from 1986-2006 scoring 201 goals for those teams. He was also a star on The Netherlands National Team from 1990-2000.


  • It was a wild and swinging time at the Milhous Nixon White House-on this evening- The Turtles performed in the evening- with The Turtles singer Mark Volman fell of the stage five times. The Turtles and The Temptations were invited to play for The Tricky One’s younger daughter Tricia’s first White House party. Volman would later claim that the Turtles snored cocaine off of the Lincoln desk and smoked pot in the Lincoln bedroom. Where was Milhous when this was all going down? The photo above is of Tricia Nixon dancing with her date U.S. Representative Barry Goldwater Jr.

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    • Yep.. I have nothing but admiration for the soldiers who served in that war- but none of them should have been there…sad.

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