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My music listening summary for April 2019–

I listened to 205 albums in April- for a total of 843 so far in the first 4 months- 120 days of the year.  Averaging just a shade over 7 albums a day.

My goal entering the year was to listen to 365 albums from the year 1969 during the year- In April I kept that pace- one a day average 30 for the month and 120 albums from 1969 in the first 120 days of the year.

Over the next couple years I am trying to listen to all the albums on the 1001 Albums To Hear Before You Die -list.  in April  I listened to just 20 albums on that list bringing my total up to 197 for the year. I need to step that up a bit.

Finally the project of listening to the studio albums of different artists from their first to last albums- I have so far in 2019 listening to The Beatles [4 times through} R.E.M., The Band, U2, CCR, The Kinks, Nick Drake, The Steel Wheels, Harry Nilsson, XTC, Elvis Costello, Mitski, The Ramones, David Bowie, Crowded House, Warren Zevon, Bruce Springsteen, Talking Heads, The Clash, The Police, Uncle Tupelo and Steely Dan. I have far too many that I am working on at the moment- Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Van The Man, Steve Earle, Queen, The Byrds and Beatles George-that is seven- I need to finish all seven of them before starting any new ones.


    • I will have to look over list- that is a good point i need to keep track of that! I will look over my list for April and see and keep track of that stat for the future- thanks for the idea!

    • I like that idea- or at least trying to mix in new albums that you haven’t heard now and then–the 70’s Wonder albums are great- except maybe one towards the end of the decade- that secret life of plants or whatever isn’t stellar…

  1. An impressive feat, Hans. Keep up the good work. We always enjoy your posts – even when we don’t agree with your reviews! Which is rarely.

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