Mount Rushmore. I don’t want to discourage anyone from going there- but I would rank it as one of the most overrated vacation destinations. Having said that I have been there five times in my life and it’s not like I live around the corner- I live 1400 miles away. If the Grand Canyon is a 5 star attraction- and it certainly is all that- Mt. Rushmore of a 3 star attraction. You could spend days at the Grand Canyon- Mount Rushmore-well you see it in the picture how long can you spend looking at the mountain with George, TJ- TR and Abe carved on it? A good hour or so. It is worth seeing- but the real hidden gem in South Dakota is a couple hours away- The Badlands. I love the Dakotas so if you ever made the trip to see Mount Rushmore- be sure to spend a day at least in the Badlands.

If they could add one more President to Mount Rushmore who would your pick be?



  1. Interesting viewpoint. I’ve only been there once and it was a sort of bucket list trip. I really enjoyed the stops along the way, at Wall Drug and the Mitchell Corn Palace. What I didn’t like about Mount Rushmore was the that they’ve made it a sort of cheesy cash cow. You’re paying for a lot of crap besides just seeing the sculpture. What does a night-time laser light show have to do with Mount Rushmore or those 4 Presidents, or US history? Sheesh.

    Are you going to do a list of famous places you considered disappointments? That could be interesting. I’d nominate the Dallas, Texas School Book Depository.

    • I’ve been to Dallas five times and always go to the School Book Depository- how do you word this because of course it was a tragic thing that happened there- but being an assassination buff- it never disappoints me- would like to even spend more time there… i should make Top 10’s of favorite places and most disappointing.. I will say Dealey Plaza the first time I saw it was a lot smaller than I imagined.

    • I felt the walk around Dealey Plaza was important and worthwhile. There’s also a trolley tour that I thought was excellent. My problem was with the tour of the building, and specifically the owners acting like they exclusively own that historical event. You pay to walk through the building on a narrow, crowded path lined with poorly-designed exhibits (aka panels of material that might as well have been printed from the internet). Of course, the only real reason to pay to go through it is to see the spot where the shot was fired. However, they have stationed a guard at that spot, to control access, and make sure no one takes a photo from ‘their view’. It disgusted me. I feel like people and families need to know that before they pay all of those entrance fees. They’ve cash-cowed it to the point where what they are selling is deceptive, imo.

    • I agree on the not allowing you to get LHO view by windowing it off- it’s not like it is- as it originally was on 11-22.63-and nothing was ever moved.. it has changed over the years I was first there in 92 and i think management of course has changed over the years.. I have gone up in the building each time but walking around the plaza and getting the different views is outstanding. it is amazing the amount of people who are always there- at least on my trips.

    • The shake you head moment of the plaza- folks going out and having their picture taken on the X which marks where JFK was when the fatal shot hit him- people with big smiles on their faces like they are at Disney as cars barrel down the highway towards them… crazy.

    • I love the drive across South Dakota- yes to the Corn Palace and Wall Drug too! Yes it is kind of cheesy- Mt. Rushmore- I do think it is fascinating how it was done- did you go nearby to where they are doing the Crazy Horse Memorial?

    • I was really dreading the drive across SD, but those spots were wonderful. I’ll also always remember the panoramic views at the Missouri River crossing. It’s weird that I hardly remember anything about the Crazy Horse Memorial. Mt Rushmore itself was a thrill to see.

  2. Been here twice, first as a young kid, then 50 years later summer of 2016. We did both Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse in the same day with no problem. (I posted on each place on my blog with a bit of history info.) Also in this area that wasn’t mentioned is Custer’s State Park….AWESOME! We hope to return to it and the Badlands. One day at either was NOT enough.

    My added choice wouldn’t be a President. Mt. Rushmore wasn’t created to be a Presidents’ monument per se, but actually for a tribute of national significance on what four people did that made a huge difference in our country back when started in 1927.
    Actually, it was originally to be Wild West heroes to include explorers Lewis & Clark, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Sioux Chief Red Cloud. In 1937, a bill was introduced to Congress to propose social reformer & women’s suffrage activist, Susan B. Anthony’s face to be added to the Memorial. Unfortunately, it fell through due to limited federal funds; Congress later declared the monument complete October 31, 1941. If they could add another ‘head’ to the monument today, I believe it should still be Susan B. Anthony. Just my two cents!

    Sorry for the history stuff. 😉

    • Thanks for the history stuff love it.. we had Custer State Park on our list- but due to time restraints just couldn’t make it.

  3. I agree that there’s a bit too much cheese at Mt. Rushmore, but if one ignores the kitsch and takes the walking trail around the monument to get a closer look at this engineering marvel, it’s worth seeing. The Black Hills are one of my favorite regions in the U.S., and Custer State Park & Wind Cave N.P. are definitely worth a visit.

  4. I would classify the drive to Mount Rushmore as sort of a “wild goose chase” The area leading to the monument is loaded with , tacky commercialism. I agree it’s overrated.

  5. Been there! It’s interesting…once. Saw Crazy Horse from the road. I wound up being more interested in the deer wandering around in the area.

    Drove all around the Black Hills. GORGEOUS.

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