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  • Princeton University on this day announced a major change- for the first time in its 223 year old history the university would start admitting women beginning in the fall semester. 130 coeds would enter in the fall, 375 in 1970, 550 in 1971, 630 in 1972 and 650 in 1973. Among the women who have graduated from Princeton over the years- former First Lady Michelle  Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

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  • While on one hand he was expanding the bombing of North Vietnam and bringing Cambodia into the war- President Richard Milhous Nixon announced that he would be withdrawing 150,000 troops from South Vietnam over the next year during their Vietnamization of the war.

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  • The 23rd Tony Awards were held at the Mark Hellinger Theater in New York City with Diahann Carroll and Alan King as the hosts. The awards were broadcast over NBC-TV. The winner- Best Play- The Great White Hope/ Best Musical-1776/ Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play- James Earl Jones- The Great White Hope /  Best Performance by a Leading Actress In A Play- Julie Harris-Forty Carats/ Best Performance by an Actor by a Leading Actor in a Musical-Jerry Orbach, Promises Promises/ Best Performance by an  Actress by a Leading Actress in a Musical-Angela Lansbery- Dear World/ Best Featured Performance by an Actress in a Play- Jane Alexander- The Great White Hope/  Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play- Al Pacino- Does A Tiger Wear A Necktie? / Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play- Marian Mercer- Promises, Promises/ Best Performance by A Featured Actor in A Musical- Ronald Holgate 1776 / Best Direction of a Play- Peter Dews- Hadrian The Seventh/ Best Direction of a Musical- Peter Hunt -1776/ Best Choreography- Joe Layton- George M!/ Best Scenic Design- Boris Aronson-Zorba/  Best Costume Design-Loudon Sainthill- Canterbury Tales.