Hans Remembers- 50 years ago today- Friday April 4, 1969.-

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  • CBS television had reached the breaking point with highly controversial  The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and on this date cancelled the show. CBS President Robert Wood explained that the shows two producers- Dick and Tommy Smothers had consistently failed to deliver tapes of their shows for CBS executives and local TV stations to review their content.” The show had been highly controversial and very popular. The Vietnam War and the President of the United States were constant targets of satire. The brothers- especially Tommy who was the one who was writing most of the material- their liberal politics led to the demise of the show. It lasted three years and  72 episodes. From what I have read and from a couple documentaries I have seen- it seemed like they got to a point where Tommy knew he was pushing CBS’s buttons and his goal became to do just that- and the show which had a strong star- was losing its humor at the end. The last episode would be shown n April 20, 1969.

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  • The biggest news of the day for long term importance came out of St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston where Dr. Denton Cooley implanted the first temporary artificial heart. The recipient was Haskell Karp a 47 year old man from Skokie, Illinois. Sixty-five hours after the implantation of the mechanical heart he would receive a donor heart from a 40 year old woman whose body was flown in from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Mr. Karp would survive 32 hours with his new heart before dying due to pneumonia. It would be 1981 before another artificial heart implant would take place.

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  • In Los Angeles – Jim Morrison of The Doors appeared with his attorney before the Los Angeles office of the FBI to answer federal charges due to the indecent exposure changes during a concert by The Doors at a March 1 concert in Miami. Morrison was arrested, released after posting $5000 bond. The Doors concert dates had been cancelled and the group was blacklisted by the Concert Hall Mangers Association.  Mr. Mojo Risin’s life was spiraling out of control.




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