Songs I like- by Artist’s I Don’t- “Roundabout” by Yes.  I am not a fan of progressive rock- and while I can would have to acknowledge that Yes – is near or at the top of the list of the best progressive rock bands- that doesn’t mean I care for them. I once years ago saw their box set on sale for $5- and I am a sucker for box sets- but I still passed on that one. My brother has recently developed a liking to this band-which kind of concerns me since he has over this 50 years tended to like music that passes the Hans stamp of approval. Anyway- I do like Yes’s signature song- Roundabout- maybe its because I like roundabouts. The song was written by Jon Anderson and Steve Howe after their tour had traveled from Aberdeen to Glasgow and encountering a number of roundabouts- Steve Howe claimed 40 or so. Roundabout was on Yes’s- Fragile album- and released as a single where it peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971.. It became a standard play at nearly every Yes concert afterwards.


  1. It is nice to have in the radio studio when you gotta take a whiz and the heads on the otherside of the building. LOL

    • I’d say I have to agree with you totally. I own more rap albums than Prog Rock and Metal combined X 2. and I am by no means a rap fan.

  2. You passed up a $5 boxed set of Yes???? You could have sold it on ebay! I like them and used to have the Fragile album. I’m not sure what delineates prog rock but…

    • I think that was back in the mid 1990s- don’t know if ebay even exisited then. I find it funny that kids today think the internet was always there- and are shocked that we didn’t grow up with it- or cell phones…

  3. Fragile was one of the first albums I bought myself and Heart of the Sunrise still gets dusted down and played.
    I have every album plus quite a few boots.
    I wonder if they would have become so huge without the wonderful album covers though?

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