The American Top 40 replay this week was from the week of April 26, 1977- 42 years ago.

1 3 RICH GIRL –•– Daryl Hall and John Oates (RCA)-10 (1 week at #1) (1) A+
2 1 LOVE THEME FROM “A STAR IS BORN” (Evergreen) –•– Barbra Streisand (Columbia)-16 (1) B
3 5 DANCING QUEEN –•– Abba (Atlantic)-16 (3) A+
4 8 DON’T GIVE UP ON US –•– David Soul (Private Stock)-9 (4) F
5 9 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY –•– Thelma Houston (Tamla)-15 (5) B+
6 2 FLY LIKE AN EAGLE –•– The Steve Miller Band (Capitol)-15 (2) B+
7 4 NIGHT MOVES –•– Bob Seger (Capitol)-16 (4) A
8 11 THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE –•– 10cc (Mercury)-12 (8) A
9 6 I LIKE DREAMIN’ –•– Kenny Nolan (20th Century)-21 (3) F
10 7 TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS –•– Mary MacGregor (Ariola America)-19 (1) F

11 13 MAYBE I’M AMAZED –•– Wings (Capitol)-7 (11) A
12 14 I’VE GOT LOVE ON MY MIND –•– Natalie Cole (Capitol)-9 (12) B
13 15 CARRY ON WAYWARD SON –•– Kansas (Kirshner)-14 (13) B
14 16 SO IN TO YOU –•– The Atlanta Rhythm Section (Polydor)-9 (14) B
15 17 SAY YOU’LL STAY UNTIL TOMORROW –•– Tom Jones (Epic)-12 (15) B-
16 21 SOUTHERN NIGHTS –•– Glen Campbell (Capitol)-7 (16) A
17 19 HOTEL CALIFORNIA –•– Eagles (Asylum)-5 (17) A
18 10 GO YOUR OWN WAY –•– Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)-12 (10) A
19 20 CRACKERBOX PALACE –•– George Harrison (Dark Horse)-9 (19) A
20 12 BOOGIE CHILD –•– Bee Gees (RSO)-11 (12) C

21 25 RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT –•– Jennifer Warnes (Arista)-9 (21) C
22 24 SAM –•– Olivia Newton-John (MCA)-9 (22) B-
23 23 HERE COME THOSE TEARS AGAIN –•– Jackson Browne (Asylum)-8 (23) B+
24 33 TRYING TO LOVE TWO –•– William Bell (Mercury)-6 (24) C
25 28 DO YA –•– Electric Light Orchestra (United Artists)-8 (25) A
26 32 GLORIA –•– Enchantment (United Artists)-9 (26) C
27 29 THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST –•– Rod Stewart (Warner Brothers)-7 (27) A-
28 30 FREE –•– Deniece Williams (Columbia)-16 (28) C
29 18 BLINDED BY THE LIGHT –•– Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Warner Brothers)-19 (1) A
30 34 DISCO LUCY (“I Love Lucy” Theme) –•– The Wilton Place Street Band (Island)-12 (30) D

31 26 YEAR OF THE CAT –•– Al Stewart (Janus)-16 (8) A+
32 37 LIDO SHUFFLE –•– Boz Scaggs (Columbia)-3 (32) A
33 35 AT MIDNIGHT (My Love Will Lift You Up) –•– Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan (ABC)-7 (33)  B
34 38 ALL STRUNG OUT ON YOU –•– John Travolta (Midland International)-6 (34) F
35 46 WHEN I NEED YOU –•– Leo Sayer (Warner Brothers)-5 (35) B
36 40 I WANNA GET NEXT TO YOU –•– Rose Royce (MCA)-5 (36) B-
37 50 COULDN’T GET IT RIGHT –•– The Climax Blues Band (Sire)-6 (37) B
38 42 SOMETHIN’ ‘BOUT ‘CHA –•– Latimore (Glades)-8 (38) C
39 45 LOVE IN ‘C’ MINOR (Part 1) –•– Cerrone (Cotillion)-5 (39) D
40 44 N.Y., YOU GOT ME DANCING –•– The Andrea True Connection (Buddah)-6 (40) D

22 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 REPLAY- WEEK OF MARCH 26, 1977

    • I think- 1973 and 1974 were the worst years in the 70’s- the other years Top 40’s seem pretty good- those ones have a lot of turkey’s.

    • Yes a lot of Seasons in the Sun type songs and the Osmonds in those years.

      I still can’t get over that other Osmond song you featured the other day.

    • When Casey said The Osmonds- and the music started I had to go look at the screen I was sure there was some kind of mistake… I can’t believe your sister skipped over that one!

    • She probably thought the song was a defect on the album lol.

      I remember in the early 80s her pestering me to stand in line with her (her husband was working) for Kenny Roger tickets to keep her company…while they were selling ELO tickets also (I was broke)…I couldn’t convince a lost cause.

    • There was a line for Kenny Rogers tickets? Those were the days-NOT- I don’t miss the standing in line for ticket- once I camped out overnight to get U2 tickets outside Three Rivers Stadium- slept on the concrete– I remember it was the day Lauren Green died! I had my radio with me and the joke was – how many dog years did he live..

    • Lol yes a line in a mall to make it all the better. The last line I stood in for tickets was in 1993 for Bob Dylan and after that I would call and order them.
      If someone ever asks you what you were doing on 9/11/87 you can answer!

    • The sitting or laying on concrete sucked but… that is where you met people that had the same interest and stories…

    • and it was memorable. it was a long line once they started selling tickets i think it took a couple hours to get to the front.

  1. Hmmm…I’m not really feeling it. Rich Girl and I Wanna Get Next to you, ok. Btw, I had to wait until I could use Google to find the real lyrics to Blinded by the Light.

  2. Lots of great songs that week, and a few clunkers too. “Year of the Cat” is one of my all-time favorite songs, and I also really liked Atlanta Rhythm Section’s “So Into You” and Jennifer Warnes’ “Right Time of the Night”. And as much as I loved disco (I’ll soon be publishing my list of Best Disco Songs), I hated the reprehensible “Disco Lucy”. I remember thinking when I heard it back then that disco had finally reached rock-bottom and would soon die, but the Bee Gees and others kept it going strong for another two years.

    • I saw Al Stewart is coming around on a Greatest Hits tour I’ve always liked him but have never seen him. Year Of The Cat I agree is a great one!!

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