Hans Worst Hits of the 90’s- “Believe”- Cher.  Believe went to #1 on the US Billboard charts and about every other country in the world in 1998. This is simply a creation of Auto Tune. Six writers wrote this and it took two producers. A departure from her usual style this is a dance -pop song.  It was her first hit since 1991’s Love And Understanding- and it is her final hit. I have never been a fan of her or her music but in comparison to Believe- some of her past hits sound a lot better. Anyone could have been the singer of this song- with the Auto Tune it seems as fake as Cher is. Of course it was nominated for a Grammy as Record of the Year. The only Cher I liked was as an actress in the movie “Moonstruck.’

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  1. Never been a Cher fan…and certainly wasn’t a fan of this. I like “I Got You Babe”…that covers my fandom for Cher.

    • Cher always seemed to have an attitude. I think Sonny would have been a fun guy to hang with. When he had his book out I heard him on a local talk show being interviewed- he told a lot of great Phil Spector stories.

    • Sonny did seem like the open one that was approachable. He was hard not to like.
      That is right…he worked with Spector some. I bet he had some good stories both good and bad.

    • he was telling a story about driving Phil to the airport- he got on the plane but wanted off- because all the people on the plane ‘were losers’- he had dropped phil off and had to go back and get him.

    • That is a shame…great drummer. Though at 90 he didn’t get cheated. He drummed on some Beach Boys songs right?

    • yep and part of the Wrecking Crew- looking at his wikipedia page- he played on I am counting 38 #1 hits. yes 90 is a good age.

  2. Agree! And what got me on this song was that she sounded like she was using the auto tune as a gimmick- it was so noticeable

    • The auto tune was to fix flats and sharps in the vocals, so this is quite a good use of taking things to an extreme.
      Ian McNabb did a similar thing with ‘The Lonely Ones’ – but then at the end of the album he did the same song, sans auto-tune, and that is a belter. Chris

    • Tomorrow is the anniversary of the 69 Grammy’s–some of the songs/ albums that were nominated… laughable. Richard Harris was nominated for best album.. Honey by Bobby Goldsboro for best song.. please.

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